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20 Nov

October 14, 2019

Starting Strength Radio
Starting Strength Channel

  • Doing Things the Right Way at Starting Strength Dallas – Coach Brent Carter and member Graham talk about Graham’s progress during his first few months training at Starting Strength Dallas including lean bodyweight increases, strength increases, and performance improvements.
  • John Lovell and Rip spend some time on the platform with the deadlift during a recent trip to WFAC in which Rip worked with The Warrior Poet on his lifts.
  • Why Train the Power Clean? Mark Rippetoe introduces the power clean before the Starting Strength Seminar platform session and explains why the power clean is part of the Starting Strength program.

Training Log
From the Coaches

  • Strength Training for ATHLETES and GRANDMAs – John Lovell (Warrior Poet Society) and Mark Rippetoe discuss the benefits of Starting Strength compared to other popular fitness programs as well as how even the oldest Warrior Poet Society member can improve mobility, strength, and maintain independence.

In the Trenches

will morris presents at the nutrition and rehab campwill morris presents at the nutrition and rehab camp
Starting Strength Coach and Doctor of Physical Therapy Will Morris presents a way for lifters and coaches to deal with injuries during the Nutrition and Rehab Camp held at WFAC last weekend. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
teaching hip drive coach development campteaching hip drive coach development camp
April Incollingo teaches hip drive with George Fairley during the Squat Coach Development Camp held in Phoenix at Weights and Plates, A Starting Strength Affiliate Gym. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
ross deadlifting 233 kgross deadlifting 233 kg
Fivex3 Training member, Ross, finishes strong at the Westminster Fall Classic with a 233 kg deadlift. [photo courtesy of Emily Socolinsky]
lauren presses 52 kglauren presses 52 kg
Lauren, another Fivex3 member, locks out her third attempt press with 52 kg at the same meet. [photo courtesy of Emily Socolinsky]

Best of the Week

Instances for using pull up vs chin up

I understand Rip is on the side of chin-up over pull-up because it incorporates more muscles and muscle mass into the movement. But I think the benefits of a pullup outweigh its lack of biceps, at least enough to merit alternating the grips from time to time. Most importantly is grip width, I’m speaking specifically about wide-grip pulll-ups. Because the grip is wider than the shoulders, the shoulders will not be nearly as internally rotated as a chin-up. I don’t know if this is a concern of Rip’s but for people with shoulder pain or rounded shoulders (a lot of people) it might be. Additionally, pullups serve as a better assistance exercise to the deadlift because the grip width and type is most similar to that of a conventional deadlift (wide of shoulders, prone). A chin-up width would translate better for a sumo deadlift (within shoulders).

Mark Rippetoe

Is there a question here?


Sorry, Rip. I’m used to just making a statement and waiting for someone to prove me fundamentally wrong (on the internet). For the purpose of deadlifts, should you do pullups over chinups? Or are the differences so minute that it just doesn’t matter?


Your point about their value as a deadlift assistance exercise seems mistaken to me. If they’re valuable in that capacity it’s because doing them makes certain muscles stronger in a way which helps you deadlift more weight, not because the grip is similar. Also, I wasn’t under the impression that there is any difference in grip width between a sumo and conventional deadlift. In both cases isn’t the optimal width precisely shoulder width, allowing the arms to hang vertically from the shoulder joint? Who is pulling from the floor with a grip wider or narrower than his shoulders, aside from when doing cleans, snatches, or variations thereof?

Mark Rippetoe

Why would a supine vs prone grip in a bodyweight assistance exercise make any difference to your 500-pound deadlift? You think pullups are better because they look more like deadlifts?

Are you a high-school football coach who has been placed in charge of the weight room?


lmao, you can rest easy knowing I’m not coaching anyone. But that was pretty much my thought process, although weighted pullups as opposed to just bodyweight. And in my experience, it helped my deadlift, but as I wrote above it’s probably because I’m using too wide a grip on the pull. Thanks for the response, Rip

Mark Rippetoe

You are not the problem. The problem is the hundreds of thousands of high school coaches who think that their weight room exercises must look like football to be effective for football, a complete failure to understand any aspect of their task.

Best of the Forum

Questions about stretching
Gwyn Brookes

I know you recommend against stretching before lifting which makes all kinds of sense. Someone recently pointed out that you also believe stretching in general to be counterproductive to weight training. I am curious to know (if this is indeed what you believe) if you’ve come to that conclusion via observation or if there’s a physiological explanation (or maybe both, but I would love to know more about the physiology behind it). Any enlightenment on that topic would be great, or if you could point me in the direction of a book or article I’d welcome that too.

In the meantime, I’m experimenting on myself. I guess I’m a little addicted to stretching, it’s the one thing I’ve done consistently for let’s see – about 30 years. So it’s hard to give up altogether. For now, I’m just giving up stretching hamstrings and adductors, since they’re my weakest, and most flexible links.

Hopefully my squats will get better! I’ve been in intermediate linear progression for about six weeks and I’ve only just stalled on a couple of lifts (bench and power clean) but I continue to experience the squat as the most difficult lift and whenever my form fails it’s because of those weak links.

Mark Rippetoe

I don’t believe stretching in general is counterproductive to weight training, especially if flexibility is limiting the ROM of a major lift. I just think it is a waste of time if it’s not. It IS counterproductive to power production when done before a power-dependent exercise, and even badly designed studies can and do demonstrate this frequently. The stretch seems to interfere with the effectiveness of the stretch reflex component of the contraction. This probably has to do with the proprioceptors and their extension-position feedback.

Gwyn Brookes

My question was aimed at whether stretching the very muscles you need to work (and have a stretch reflex) in the major lifts was counterproductive. I was concerned about spending a lot of time negating the stretch reflex and then relying on that same muscle to produce a powerful enough stretch reflex to utilize in a lift, for instance, at the bottom of a squat.

Hip flexors aren’t useful in a squat, due to gravity. They are useful to raise your legs if you are standing (say if you need a nice high kick), or if you are dangling by your legs, they can help you raise your torso. Or, if you are lying down, they help bring your legs closer to your torso. Sorry if I am being pedantic here.

I have super tight hip flexors and spend a lot of time stretching them, and doing so alleviates a number of issues I have with my hips. But stretching my hamstrings and adductors is just a leftover habit from years of dancing and doesn’t seem so productive anymore, especially since I can’t feel any stretch reflex helping me at the bottom of my squat. So that was the basis for my original question.

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19 Sep

This post is sponsored by Cascadian Farm and The Feedfeed.

A few weeks back, I shared with you our morning routine and now I’m back with a full day-in-the-life. Each day might vary when it comes to activities but our weekdays usually follow a predictable schedule. If James could talk, he’d tell you that our days involve a few reps of eat, play, sleep, which is true! But there’s also a fair amount of cleaning and working going on, too. Oh! And we can’t forget the nourishing meals and snacks that fuel us throughout our day either. I consider myself lucky that James will eat pretty much all of the foods I make him, but planning ahead, meal prepping basics like whole grains and roasted or steamed veggies is a huge help. And for those busy afternoons when I know I’ll be out of the house for hours and don’t want to bring anything that needs refrigeration, I really like having the option of grabbing a granola bar with wholesome ingredients that also tastes good, like the New Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit Infused Bars. More on those and all our eats below!


6am — 12pm
Our mornings are pretty identical to the one I shared in our morning routine, so I won’t bore you!


Meal times with a baby are messy endeavors, let me tell you, but it IS fun seeing your little one enjoying all of these new foods. For lunch, I usually give James several different kinds of foods—veggies, fruits, some type of protein, whole grains…you name it. He loves steamed or roasted veggies (thankfully) so I always put those right on his tray first while I heat the rest of the meal (peas and carrots are a hit lately). He will pick them up and take his time eating and playing with them. We have a bib with a deep lip on the bottom, which conveniently catches a lot of what doesn’t make it into his mouth. Other go-to foods are hummus, sweet potatoes, shredded chicken, crumbled turkey burger, peanut butter, and fish like salmon or cod. The good thing about him being open to pretty much every food at the moment is that I can give him lots of the same foods we eat for dinner (and also means that I can make the same food for the both of us).

2pm — 4pm
Since Daniel and I both work from home, we’re able to provide one another with blocks of time where each of us can work. Between 2pm and 6pm most days, this is the chunk of time when Daniel takes over actively caring for our guy and I get work done. The work depends on the day, but it’s typically testing recipes, photographing those recipes, writing, editing my weekly articles for Yahoo, or any of the administrative tasks that come along with running a business.

While I plug away at my To Do list, Daniel puts James down for a nap from 2 to 3pm. Now that James is taking two naps a day (rather than a nap every 2-3 hours) it frees us up to do more outside of the house and for longer periods of time. Some days Daniel and James go swimming at his sister’s pool, or visit the bunnies and goats at the farm up the street, or play at the park, or go for a walk around the neighborhood or at the nearby nature preserve…and on and on. There’s always something to do and especially when it’s nice out.

4:30pm — 6:00
Once a week, that work block is a little shorter since have swim class, which James loves. He’s slowly getting the hang of floating on his back but blowing bubbles in the water usually just means drinking the pool water. The class is 30 minutes long and in reality, it’s probably more of a workout for me since I hold him in the water the whole time. I’m hungry when I get out of the pool and at this point lunch is a distant memory and dinner is still hours away, so I usually pull out a quick snack, like those Cascadian Farm Organic Fruit Infused Bars I mentioned.

They’re perfect for quick, on-the-go snack time. I can put one in his swim bag and eat it after I put him in his dry clothes after class (which is, funny enough, also kind of a workout :). I’ve tried two of the new flavors so far (blueberry lemon and orange cranberry. There’s also a cherry almond flavor I’m excited to try) and am loving that they have fresh, real fruit flavor. Each bar is organic, made with nutritious ingredients like whole grain oats, dried fruit, and nuts, and has 10 grams of whole grain.

Sometimes James starts to fall asleep on the ride home from swim class but we talk and sing to him to keep him awake for the 20-minute ride home. If he sleeps on the way home he won’t be tired at bed time. Once we get home, we feed him dinner. He usually eats whole milk yogurt mixed with peanut butter. He really likes it and will eat a big portion that keeps him full for a long time.


Bath time! James loves it. He plays with a big toy ship and pours water on himself and laughs like crazy. Drying him and getting him dressed is a two man job since he likes to alligator roll and try to get away. We have to make ridiculous noises to keep him distracted as one of us puts a diaper on him and slips on his pjs.

Bedtime. I say goodnight, rub his head, and tell him I’ll be waiting for him first thing in the morning with 3,000 fresh kisses. Daniel feeds him a small bottle before brushing his teeth and rocking him in the chair. Then Daniel puts him in his crib when he is drowsy and lately, he has been great about putting himself to sleep.

broiled salmon for dinner

7pm — 10pm
Then Daniel and I have dinner together and spend an hour or two relaxing, playing Jeopardy, and more often than not, reminiscing about all the cute things James did during the day 🙂

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18 Sep

Make This Healthy Jerk Chicken Recipe On Braai Day

This is all we want to eat this weekend!

Amy Hopkins |

18 September 2019

Looking for a delicious, healthy chicken recipe to try on the braai? This Joburg-style Jerk chicken recipe from Sharon Lurie’s new book: A Taste of South Africa with The Kosher Butcher’s Wife is all we want to eat this weekend!

It’s got tons of good-for-you immune-boosting ingredients like garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar and chillies! As well as all the vitamin C from citrus juice.

READ MORE: 6 Powerful Immune-Boosting Ingredients To Add To Your Diet This Winter

The Joburg-Style Jerk Chicken Recipe Story

“It was my nephew’s destination wedding in Jamaica. Somehow, I could have been in my hometown of Durban. Perhaps it was the bougainvillaea draped everywhere, cascading down from the highest of pillars. Or the palm tree-lined roads that led to calm beaches, where water gently rolled up and down the white sand that surrounded the cabanas of our resort. If the aroma of Blue Mountain coffee and coconut rum cocktails was a hint of what was to come, it promised to be a culinary experience like no other. Jamaica is famous for its jerk chicken and, although not traditionally South African, it has become so popular. I think we make it as often as Jamaicans do.” — Sharon Lurie.


What you need:


  • Joburg-Style Jerk Chicken Recipe

/4 Directions

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17 Sep

Whether you need your eyeshadow to last all day because you’re working hard or playing hard, these tips and tricks should help extend the wear of your eye makeup.  The key takeaways from this how-to are:  your skin type (on your eyes) is the most impactful and eyeshadow primers aren’t a waste of money.  Frankly, I’m impressed when people forego eyeshadow primer, just because it’s one of the few beauty “extras” that I really feel is well-worth the end results (even for a good eyeshadow, it just makes application more reliable).

Eyeshadow Base vs. Eyeshadow Primer

An eyeshadow base is really just whatever is applied prior to the eyeshadow–a primer really could be a base, but in the beauty community, an eyeshadow base is often something that is not technically marketed as an eyeshadow primer.  It could be a cream eyeshadow or concealer.  If you’re looking for how to make your eyeshadow more vibrant or more pigmented, an eyeshadow base is often the top helper–a white eyeshadow base will make your eyeshadow pop!

Why would you use an eyeshadow base instead of an eyeshadow primer?  A colored cream eyeshadow can often intensify colors wore on the lid, or it can bring out the shifts in more duochrome-finish eyeshadows (particularly over darker bases, like a black cream eyeshadow).  Concealer is also used frequently for cut-crease looks where concealer is applied on top of an area, applied with precision, and then additional eyeshadow is placed on top of the concealer.

An eyeshadow primer typically extends wear, improves blendability and pigmentation, but it doesn’t alter the depth, finish, or actual color of the shades applied on top as they are usually translucent/clear.  Modern offerings, though, have resulted in colored eyeshadow primers, too, often flesh-toned for those who need help minimizing discoloration, unevenness, and pigmentation on the lid.

Eyeshadow primers are good for making your eyeshadow more pigmented and your eyeshadow more vibrant, but more translucent eyeshadow primers may not be enough depending on how sheer or powdery the eyeshadow that you’re working with is.

Use an Eyeshadow Primer to Make Eye Makeup Last Longer

Apply eyeshadow primer to lid and crease area.  I’d also recommend applying it as far up as the brow bone.  You’ll want to apply a thin, even layer–use less rather than more–and fingertips work well for quick, all-over application.

Eye primer can be applied beyond the lid!  You can apply eyeshadow primer underneath the lower lash line (especially useful when using eyeshadow or pencil eyeliner on the lower lash line), on the brow bone, and even just beyond the eye area to minimize the chance of smudging, migration, and the like.

Set creamier/tackier eyeshadow primers with a flesh-toned eyeshadow or translucent powder.  In my experience, this sometimes work well and sometimes doesn’t work well, so I’d recommend experimenting and seeing how this trick performs for the products you own and how you normally apply your eye makeup.

The idea is that setting creamier bases helps to lock in the base while giving a smooth canvas for your eyeshadow to apply to.  Sometimes creamier/tackier primers can make blending more troublesome, especially with thinner formulations in deeper hues, so by dusting a base eyeshadow all-over, it helps ensure blending will be easy.

Layer your eyeshadow primers.  Over the years, I’ve seen readers who have oilier lids recommend layering up–a popular combination is a MAC Paint Pot with Urban Decay Primer Potion–and that will give them extended wear that’s bulletproof.

What Eyeshadow Primer to Pick and When

Silicone-based primers work well for most powder eyeshadows.  These are thin, more velvety eyeshadow primers that tend to feel dry and “set” on the lid as soon as they’re applied.  I find that most formulas work well with these types of primers, but some individuals can experience silicone-based eyeshadow primers drying their lids out.  (If that happens to you, then you’ll want to look for something less silicone-heavy or without silicones and see if that is better for your skin.)

I do not find that these types of primers require setting powder or a base eyeshadow patted all over (in my experience, that tends to result in more muted, washed out color and less grip).

Tacky primers work well for drier, more powdery eyeshadow formulas.  Creamier, wetter formulas–like a MAC Paint Pot–can hold more powdery formulas particularly well as they absorb some of the excess without it getting all over your face.  The creamier bases and primers can work well on drier lids, too, because they won’t emphasize texture as much.

Use a glitter adhesive or extremely tacky eyeshadow primer for glitter/sparkle eyeshadows.  Unless it’s a cream-based glittery eyeshadow, you’re likely going to need a really strong adhesive base/primer to minimize fallout over time and improve adhesion/evenness of your sparkly favorite.


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13 Sep

Want to shake up your braai day recipes? We have some super-easy, healthy vegetarian ideas for you to try. And they’re easy to make vegan too!

Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, we’re all about spending more time outdoors. Heritage Day — or Braai Day — is just around the corner and we’ve got some delicious, nourishing recipes for you to throw on the coals.

5 Veggie braai recipe ideas

1/ Instead of oven baking or steaming veggies, cook them over the flames for a touch of smokiness. This works really well with veggies like broccoli (baste with olive oil, lemon and seasoning) or cauliflower (rub with melted coconut oil, crushed garlic, garam masala spices and seasoning — great for a weber). For another great grilled veggie recipe idea, check out this recipe.

Oryx Desert Salt Braai Shaker Refill

R 62

Buy It

2/ Instead of serving a potato salad with your braai, serve grilled sweet potatoes. They caramelise and become sweet, sticky and sooo yummy! Rub with olive oil (or sesame oil for a nutty taste) and season with salt and pepper. Wrap in some foil, literally chuck into the coals and let them cook away until soft. Keep the skin on for extra nutrients and flavour.

3/ Grill your cheese! Impress your guests with a grilled halloumi salad with other ingredients like watermelon, red onion and fresh herbs. You can do this just as well with vegan “halloumi style” cheese. If you’re hosting vegan guests or are planning to do a vegan braai, give this a read: All the things to braai this Heritage Day if you’re vegan.

4/ Make pizzas on the braai! Everyone will be so excited about the idea of crispy pizza that they won’t notice whether there’s meat or not. On family holidays, we always serve braaied pizzas as a snack, because, you know, South Africans like to braai for hours… Here is a great vegetarian pizza recipe to try.

5/ Burgers are super easy to make on the braai and can be really healthy too! We love the idea of using giant grilled mushrooms as your “bun” replacement. Making your own homemade veggie patties is easy and budget-friendly. Make sure you use lots of cool fresh toppings, like crunchy lettuce leaves, tomatoes, pickles, avocado and cucumber. Use mashed avo as your “mayonnaise” replacement if you like. Click here for the ultimate homemade veggie patty packed with nutrients.

Try this amazing Braai Day recipe!

This recipe is from Adele Maartens’ new cookbook: My Vegetarian Braai. Adele says that her book is not about trying to convert carnivores, but rather to broaden the horizons of every braaier, the ones who enjoy preparing meals for their families and friends, as well as those who will look at the photographs and say, “I can make that.” With the growing trend of eating plant-based foods, the chances are that at some stage you will need to cater for a vegetarian or vegan. For more amazing Braai Day recipe ideas from Adele, get her book here.

Buy ItBuy It

My Vegetarian Braai

R 325

Buy It

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12 Sep

My Day One

Coloured Raine My Day One Highlighter and Blush Duo ($25.00 for 0.32 oz.) is a new, limited edition duo featuring a bright, coppery highlighter and a slightly muted, cooler-toned blush. The two shades definitely played well off of each other. Both shades had rich pigmentation and were fairly blendable, easy to use, and lasted for at least eight hours on me, though the blush took some extra time to blend out (workable but not effortless).

My Day One (Highlighter)

My Day One (Highlighter) is a brighter, light-medium copper with stronger, warm undertones and a sparkling, metallic finish. It was richly pigmented with a smooth, dense, and more cream-to-powder (in feel) texture. It took a denser brush and a moderate hand to pick up product well, and it seemed to get a bit more yielding after a few uses, almost like the top layer had to be worn away. The powder applied evenly to bare skin and blended out best with small, circular motions. This shade stayed on well for eight and a half hours before I noticed signs of fading.

My Day One (Blush)

My Day One (Blush) is a medium-dark, reddish-plum with subtle, cool undertones and a matte finish. The consistency felt velvety, smooth, and wasn’t at all powdery–almost a bit firm but not stiff in the pan–so it applied evenly and blended out fairly readily. It was a deeper, richer shade, so it tended to pull pink when diffused along the edges, and it did take some extra patience to really soften the edges entirely. It wore well for nine hours before showing signs of fading on me.

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11 Sep

Start your day in silence or prayer


Start your day in silence or prayer. I have a toddler, so I get that this isn’t always an option. We have so many thoughts throughout the day that are on repeat in our minds. They become mantras, or mind tattoos, as I call them. Choose something that opens you up rather than shuts you down, and keep returning to it throughout the day. I am here. I am in my body. I am enough.

Write it out. Ask yourself what radical self-care or compassion means to you and journal on it. Get specific. Pick one simple thing to commit to by a rea-sonable time frame. It can be taking a bubble bath or going to the bathroom without your toddler in the room. Make it tangible.

Dork it out. Check in with your sense of humor. Sing out loud or have a solo dance party in the car or do Tree Pose with your eyes closed and see if you can laugh at yourself if you fall.

Read an excerpt from Jennifer Pastiloff’s book On Being Human

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11 Sep

Lightbulb manufacturer Norb has announced the release of the NorbSLEEP light bulb this week to provide a soft, warm, white-color light produced in the wavelengths of natural evening light. According to the company, the new line of bulbs modulate the circadian rhythm.

Like sunset and twilight, NorbSLEEP prompts the body to produce melatonin, the natural hormone that signals it is time to relax, feel drowsy, and fall asleep. It is a dimmable A19 LED bulb with 9 watts, similar to a 40W incandescent bulb, and it fits standard sockets. According to a statement from the company, when used for illumination in fixtures such as bedside table lamps and bedroom overhead lights, NorbSLEEP helps people fall asleep naturally and get a restful night’s sleep.

The company’s daytime light bulb, called the NorbSMILE, illuminates with a white-color light designed with the sun’s “happy” light spectrum that awakens and energizes. It is available as an A19 LED bulb with 11 watts and as a tube light with 18 LED watts. In contrast to regular indoor lights which may cause drowsiness, lethargy or agitation, NorbSMILE supports a positive mood, alertness, energy and productivity.

The daytime bulb is designed for business offices, school and university classrooms and hallways, and the lobbies and meeting rooms of office buildings and hotels.

“We developed Norb (Nutri-Orb) lights to make a positive difference in people’s lives,” Dave MacKenzie, president, Norb and inventor of NorbSLEEP and NorbSMILE, says in a statement. “So many people suffer with insomnia, anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and attention deficit. While light is not a cure, the right bio-active light can alleviate symptoms, promote health and boost wellbeing.”

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11 Sep


While he took time to recover, his boss rallied: “He phoned my wife and said, ‘Get him well, take as long as he needs’,” said Cartwright, who heads a team of 20 staff. “It took the pressure off … I never wanted to be seen as a weak person and you don’t want people doubting whether you can or can’t do your job. To make it like a broken leg or a cold was magnificent.”

The support his colleagues provided was “pivotal” to his recovery. To show that it’s OK to speak up and that “people will listen and care about you” he opened up about his experience at last year’s RUOK? Day in front of Hall and Wilcox’s 700 employees.

“I feel really good,” he said, adding he manages his life differently now and is more mindful of his mental health. “We can get better and talking about it will help unburden you.”

One in five Australian workers is currently experiencing a mental health condition and by some estimates the rate of depression among executives is double that of the general population.

Suicide in Australia is now the leading cause of death among people 15 – 44 years and the fourth leading cause for those aged 45-64. New research by KPMG on behalf of Suicide Australia has found that rates are set to rise 40 per cent unless risk factors including finance, employment and loneliness are addressed.

If they open up and show vulnerability, people will feel safer. I think we look to [the boss], whether we like them or not.

Katherine Newton, CEO of RUOK

Katherine Newton, CEO of RUOK? Day believes that bosses opening up about their mental health challenges can help reduce some of the stigma in the workplace and help people feel supported.

‘We can get better and talking about it will help’.Credit:Luis Enrique Ascui

“If they open up and show vulnerability, people will feel safer,” Newton said. “I think we look to [the boss], whether we like them or not. It shows that they are human and the most important thing about mental health and suicide prevention… it’s important that we recognise each other as humans.”

“If leaders lead by example, leaders will start to normalise these life ups and downs and these challenges, so then collectively we can shift that stigma dial even more. Stuff happens, life happens and just because we turn up at the office, it doesn’t mean life switches off.”

Thursday 12 September 2019 is “R U OK? Day”, a national day of action and a reminder that every day is the right day to meaningfully connect with those around us and ask the question that could change a life, “Are you OK?”

Sarah Berry is a lifestyle and health writer at The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

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