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12 Jun

Designing a great event experience starts with finding a venue that serves your event goals in a city that appeals to your attendees. For event planners, it’s a delicate balance between finding a functional space and finding a place that will excite their audience.


Personalization and experience design are leading trends in event planning, and while many planners are working toward adding these considerations into their events, not every venue can keep up with the flexibility required.

Dynamic spaces that offer planners the versatility to give attendees what they want go a long way in a vendor’s ability to facilitate a memorable event. The meeting planners and management team behind the new spaces at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre (CTCC) make that a priority.

The Convention Centre’s new collaborative meeting spaces, Colab and Ideation Centre, were designed to elevate meeting experiences with attendee interaction and growth in mind. Both spaces come with all the technical and AV basics set up for a range of collaborative, team-building functions.

Colab is housed near the TELUS area and accommodates about 40 in a casual classroom-style setting. The room can accommodate strategic planning sessions and business investment pitches, along with other meeting types.

With a focus on design, collaboration, creation, discovery, and inspiration, Ideation Centre space works well for smaller groups of 40 or less in each room (although rooms 2 and 3 can be combined to accommodate a slightly larger group). At the heart of its design are educational and team-building collaborative activities: break-outs, corporate training sessions, executive retreats, and team meetings.

These spaces are the CTCC’s latest additions in their project of reimagining the potential for meetings. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at these and the other things the CTCC has to offer, starting with a great host city.


Why Calgary?


The CTCC is located in downtown Calgary, making it a convenient pedestrian-friendly venue for your attendees.

There are direct flights from many major cities, including Toronto (four-hours by plane), New York (a five-hour flight), and London, UK (eight-and-a-half-hour flight). The airport is a 20-minute drive to the CTCC, and shuttles and rides for hire are available from the airport as well. Calgary Transit (light rail and bus) also provides an efficient transportation option, as it arrives directly at the convention center’s doors.


CTCC is located in Calgary’s downtown (a.k.a. the Convention District). It’s conveniently connected directly to three hotels, the Fairmont Palliser, Calgary Marriott Downtown and The Hyatt Regency Calgary, providing easy access for delegates regardless of the weather conditions outside. Known for its hospitality and good food, the Convention District serves up some of the city’s best food in restaurants located along Calgary’s only pedestrian mall, the historic Stephen Avenue.

Also along Stephen Avenue, you’ll find the Arts Commons with theaters and touring performers, numerous art galleries, and 1,200 kilometers of paved pedestrian and cycling pathways meandering along the city’s main waterways.

In addition to the outdoor pedestrian pathways, Calgary is home to the world’s most extensive pedestrian skywalk network (known by locals as the Plus 15). The system of connected walkways is 15 feet above the ground and covers about 10 miles of the city. It boasts 59 bridges and links dozens of buildings in downtown Calgary, including the CTCC.

Calgary offers a number of unique experiences for attendees such as:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Heritage Park, Canada’s largest living museum
  • keyboard_arrow_right Canada Olympic Park, home of the Skyline Luge, a zipline, and great mountain biking treks
  • keyboard_arrow_right Glenbow Museum, with local indigenous culture


With so much of the best local dining, arts, and culture within an easy stroll of the CTCC, there’s plenty for attendees to do, but that’s not all Calgary has to offer.

With 150 head offices in the city, Calgary is Western Canada’s head office leader and the second-largest head office city in Canada. Best of all, and a benefit to meeting planners, Alberta has no provincial sales tax.

Calgary is often referred to as an energy city, and that’s both a reflection of the city’s high-energy hospitality and the fact that it is home to 1,700 energy businesses.

The province of Alberta produces nearly 70% of Canada’s crude oil and 80% of its natural gas. Their strong basis in energy, financial, transportation, and technology make Calgary a source for interesting local speakers and intellectual exchanges in those industries.

Now that we’ve explored the value behind the host city, let’s take a look at the convention centre.


Meeting Spaces in the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

The centre offers a myriad of meeting spaces:

keyboard_arrow_right 122,000 sq. ft. of flexible convention space
keyboard_arrow_right 47,000 sq. ft of exhibit space
keyboard_arrow_right 20,000 sq.ft. ballroom
keyboard_arrow_right five pre-function areas
keyboard_arrow_right 36 meeting rooms for a variety of configurations.

As a modern structure with large glass windows, much of CTCC offers plenty of natural light. With the new Colab and Ideation Centre added to its selection of boardrooms, the CTCC is well-suited for national/international conferences and conventions, corporate meetings, galas, board meetings, and breakouts.

With a variety of spaces and possible flow arrangement, the convention centre meets the needs and visions of most event types, from formal galas to intimate business pitch sessions. The CTCC works with several in-house partners in areas such as AV, decor, show services, and others.

Here’s a peek into the rooms of the new Colab and Ideation Centre.


Each space comes with the basic meeting comforts, such as multiple projectors, WiFi, and water/coffee stations, but the CTCC also sought to use cutting-edge technology to drive creativity and connections.

The use of interactive whiteboards allows a collaborative environment geared to help teams connect and brainstorm. The focus is on allowing creative leaders and teams to thrive in a space that meets their needs and encourages innovation, moving past traditional workspaces to let teams connect in the way that ‘works’ for them.


This meeting space makes collaboration its goal. With comfortable furnishings that more closely resemble a living room than a meeting room, the space is conducive to meetings of any length.

The room offers a versatile flow and all the tech essentials, like screens and projectors, to ensure attendees get the most out of the collaboration.

The 1,741-square-foot Colab is located nearthe TELUS rooms, which are well equipped for meetings and concurrent event sessions. There’s a large foyer and a glassed-in pre-function area for receptions, registration, or networking.


The Ideation Centre is comprised of four rooms set off from the traffic of the main convention centre area on the south side, which is connected to the main area via a covered walkway.

The bright furnishings and more intimate, almost playful surroundings are conducive to creativity in smaller groups. The room sizes range from 532 to 1,032-square-feet. Rooms 2 and 3 can be converted into a single room for a total of 1,564-square-feet.

The main floor location of the Ideation Centre provides easy access to the Calgary Marriott Downtown. There is also a small pre-function area that serves as a hub for the Ideation Centre rooms.

The CTCC also offers a number of other meeting spaces:


The Upper Select and Main Level boardrooms at the CTCC are designed to marry eye-pleasing design with the technology needs of today’s entrepreneurs and business people, creating a space that is comfortable, professional and unique.

Technology in these rooms allows for flexible working arrangements for those attending in person and virtually.

The Upper Select Boardroom seats up to 18 people and features the following:

  • keyboard_arrow_right 98-inch wall display connected to a stationary computer with a webcam and sound bar
  • keyboard_arrow_right Built-in conference phone system with 3 hanging microphones
  • keyboard_arrow_right Charging and HDMI ports on the conference table
  • keyboard_arrow_right Casper film on the windows for privacy (outside passersby can’t see the screen)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Acoustic panels to absorb sound
  • keyboard_arrow_right Centralized tablet control system
  • keyboard_arrow_right Wi-Fi

The Main Level Boardroom seats up to 12 people and features the following:

  • keyboard_arrow_right 80-inch wall display connected to a stationary computer with a webcam and sound bar
  • keyboard_arrow_right Charging and HDMI ports built into the conference table
  • keyboard_arrow_right Polycom conference system available
  • keyboard_arrow_right Wi-Fi


Located on the south side, lower level, Macleod Hall is one of the most flexible spaces of the CTCC. With its moveable walls, it’s easily configurable from one large area to eight smaller ones with a pre-function space.

The space accommodates events for as few as 30 people and as many as 2,100. It often serves as a ballroom, banquet hall, plenary hall, or individual session spaces.


The Glen rooms have movable partitions that help to customize the space to the event planner’s needs. Located on the upper level, there is ample natural light through the sky-lit pre-function space that runs the length of the meeting area. This makes it a suitable spot for buffets, networking mingles, and registration.


The Exhibition Hall is the CTCC’s largest space. With floor-to-ceiling windows, the natural light comes pouring in and features expansive views.

The hall measures 47,000-square-feet but can be divided into three separate areas. It’s a popular choice for trade shows and keynote speakers of critical acclaim. The area has easy access to the skywalk leading to the south side of the convention centre and the skywalk to the Hyatt Regency.


The Highlights of the Centre

The CTCC has a number of notable features that reflect its capability as a meeting space:


The venue itself, as well as the individual event spaces, are versatile enough to accommodate a variety of event types and sizes. The CTCC has several separate areas to provide groups with more privacy without sacrificing convenience.


The venue has partnered with FMAV for audiovisual technology geared at connecting attendees to the stakeholders and to one another. Both Colab and Ideation Centre, as well as their board rooms, are equipped with essential AV tech components already set up. If part of your audience is virtual, onsite webcams are available.

But again, if you require advanced technology like lighting, a social wall, or virtual or augmented reality, FMAV provides an onsite office for quick assistance.

They have also thought about the privacy needs of internal meetings, and have fitted any glass walls with Casper film so that presenters can feel confident in sharing sensitive information without exposing it to outsiders.


The centre offers a dedicated event manager to oversee every detail of an event. Plus, the centre partners with an award-winning culinary team, the Calgary Marriott Downtown Hotel, that prepares standard and customized menus. They offer an array of plated, buffet, or boxed-style meals, and they are happy to work with you to accommodate your needs.


What Type of Events Fit with CTCC?

The CTCC offers ample spaces for a variety of differently-sized conferences, exhibitions, galas, and meetings. With multiple buildings and spaces that fit large and small groups, and everything in-between, events planners who need flexibility for break-out rooms, registration, and large trade shows can all be accomodated. The different sections can be shut off from the larger areas so you can keep your group together. Flexibility in the space and the room arrangements are key benefits of the CTCC.

Calgary in general is attractive for event organizers who want to provide an event experience that incorporates the local culture, but the CTCC’s new Colab and Ideation Centre offer unique spaces with the tech needed to accommodate a range of team-building and educational activities.


Rooms and Spaces:

3 levels of space in two buildings connected by skywalks for a total of 122,000+ square feet of flexible event space, including:

  • 47,000 square feet of exhibit space overlooking the city
  • 5 pre-function areas
  • 20,000 square feet of ballroom
  • 36 meeting rooms with many options for configurable space

Maximum Capacity: See Floor Plan and Capacities.


  • keyboard_arrow_right Cisco network can expand to up to 55 access points and 200 radio broadcast relays on three separate bandwidths or channels for convention-goers, presenters and exhibitors.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Full wireless coverage throughout facilities.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Shared wireless connection: 10 Mbps upload/download.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Dedicated wireless connection: 10-54 Mbps upload/download.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lower-speed, pay-as-you-go wireless networks are also available through web portals in Macleod Hall and Exhibition Hall.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Part of TELUS Managed Enterprise Services with a fully dedicated 1,000 Mbps connection.

Accessibility and Transportation

  • keyboard_arrow_right Convenient underground parking.
  • keyboard_arrow_right A short walk to more than 4,000 three- and four-star hotel rooms. Calgary’s +15 Elevated Skywalk provides direct access to 1,100 of those rooms.
  • keyboard_arrow_right The CTCC connects directly to three four-star hotels.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Click here for a map and directions.

Concierge Service: Yes

Online booking

Click here to book your event online.



The Calgary TELUS Convention Centre meets a lot of today’s event planner’s needs. With a focus on technology, service and attendee experience, the venue offers unique spaces that are highly configurable. A mix of smaller spaces and larger exhibit and ballroom areas makes the convention centre well-suited to a variety of event types.

If you want a creative, configurable space set conveniently in great city’s friendly, easily-accessible downtown, check out what the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre has to offer.


Disclaimer: Reviews are paid for placements. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the venue and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. If you have any questions please use the contact us section.


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11 Jun

Conference bags must breed in the dark: everyone seems to have at least a dozen stuffed in the back of their closet. A conference event swag bag should be more than a hole with handles. Conference gifts and corporate goodie bags account for more than $20 billion worth of business worldwide.


A functional, stylish conference bag can make a strong first impression. After all, who doesn’t want cool stuff? But an ugly bag filled with lame, useless swag bag items will end up in the nearest rubbish can when no one’s looking.

Here are some swag bag ideas on how to pick a smart conference bag and fill it with things attendees will find effective, desirable and memorable.


Take It or Toss It?

A few years ago, I asked a venue hotel to show me the trash from 20 attendee rooms after the event. It was both revealing and depressing. The trash cans were filled with conference bags, workshop materials, promotional items and the client’s $100-a-piece product demos.

What I learned was there’s a giant difference between picking up something on an impulse and making the decision to take it home and use it.

Here are some ideas to help you decide what’s worth your time and money.

The key question every attendee asks is, “Do I need or want this?” So you have to help them to see themselves using it. Here are the top things people will keep and take home.

  • Attendee-specific information
  • Electronics
  • Attractive clothing
  • Anything for children

This brings us to the reject pile. There are some items that are just destined for the garbage can. You may notice this list includes some of the obvious and traditional event items. Attendees see them every time. Just how many water bottles, coffee mugs, ball caps and pens does anyone need?

Here are the top items people will toss before they go home:

  • Printed collateral
  • Anything that won’t pass airport security
  • Super-branded items
  • Cheap, low-quality items

The airport security issue is important. At a recent event, a sponsor was giving away souvenir bottles of hot sauce. They were fantastic – custom labeled, funny copy and made by a small company that was used as a business example in one of the general sessions. The bottles went fast! The next day at the airport I saw that hundreds had been thrown in the trash. They were all two ounces over the limit for carry-on fluids.

You have to think things through.

Although there are some gold standard swag bag items that almost any attendee would be glad to have, the perfect conference gifts will depend partly on what type of event you are hosting.

The conference bag is the first gift you give an attendee. Here are 31 conference swag ideas and tips to add value to your conference bags for 2019.

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07 Jun

This is a sponsored post by Meetings + Conventions Calgary. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts.


Cookie-cutter event experiences won’t suffice for your attendees. You want to give them something out of the ordinary, an experience they will remember. And for good reason. Experience is incredibly important to building lasting memories, and positive attendee experience improves retention.


But finding a unique host city that is easily accessible and in-tune with what event planners need is a challenge. You want a locale that wows, makes a good impression from a hospitality perspective, and provides the needed support for your event. And you want them to serve it up in a way that is unique to their area.


Why a Unique Host City is Important

Some potential attendees will make a decision on whether to attend based on location. An intriguing location means an event ticket (or several), while a run-of-the-mill locale means they’ll likely skip this year for the next.

Defining the location for an ideal event experience is an extremely personal one, and knowing your audience will help you select something that will make an impression. Here are a few things to look for in order to select a host city that will resonate with your guests:

keyboard_arrow_right Cultural Uniqueness
keyboard_arrow_right The Appeal of a Local Arts and Crafts Scene
keyboard_arrow_right Opportunities for Blood-pumping Excitement
keyboard_arrow_right World-Class Knowledge and Experience
keyboard_arrow_right The Awe of Natural Wonder
keyboard_arrow_right The Flavor of the Beverage Scene


Cultural Uniqueness

If you want your conference to be unique, look for a host city steeped in originality. Select somewhere that can’t be confused with anywhere else. Sure, you can still have a unique conference experience in a city used by everyone else, but it is a lot harder. Selecting a host city that makes potential attendees stop and think about the time they’ll spend there evokes much more of a reaction and resonates with them on a higher level than somewhere they just went a few months ago (or even last year).

Cultural events serve as good differentiators and provide unique experiences. For example, events held in Calgary, Canada can incorporate a “White Hat Ceremony” as part of their festivities. This exclusive opportunity allows delegates to become honorary Calgarians by receiving a souvenir white hat. It’s a fun local tradition that has been around since the 1950s, with a long list of past participants from princesses to presidents being “white-hatted.”

A White Hat ceremony can take place at the airport as delegates arrive or anytime during the meeting or event. Whenever and wherever it takes place, it’s something they’ll always remember and is a strong opportunity for social media shares.



The Appeal of a Local Arts and Crafts Scene

Connecting with the artisans in the area can give attendees a feel for the local people and their culture, not to mention their handiwork makes for cherished souvenirs for friends and family back home. However, most event guests don’t have time to spend looking for crafters and “Made in” designations, so they grab something on an airport store shelf minutes before departure.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can create meaningful exchanges between craftsman and attendees that create a deeper appreciation for the area by experiencing the handiwork of local artisans. The easiest way to do this is by working with a convention and visitors’ bureau in your host city that can bring these special people to your group, like Meetings + Conventions Calgary (MCC) did with the Makers’ Market.

Calgary is known for its entrepreneurial spirit. It is rich in a population of local artisans, who create everything from soap to coasters to coffee. Attendees are often delighted when event planners use local products in swag bags, because these items are usually things they are not familiar with or do not have access to at home. However, MCC went one step further by incorporating a Makers’ Market right into an event, as was done with Go Media Canada. This event brought local artisans to Go Media Canada participants, making it much easier for attendees to take time out of their hectic schedules to explore the Canadian-made, hand-crafted goods.



Opportunities for Blood-pumping Excitement

If you’re looking to attract a younger audience or you want to shake up your after-hours activities at your next event, consider a city with plenty of original excitement. Move beyond everyday activities and look for a host city that can serve as a “Basecamp for Adventure.”

To do this, think about what your host city offers that other cities don’t. Yes, zoos are nice but you want to consider activities that will differentiate your event from others. Is the host city known for extreme sports? Maybe the arts opportunities are unparalleled.

Next, think about what your audience wants. Adrenaline junkies, for instance, won’t be impressed by a sedate wine tasting, but they will like other heart-pumping Calgarian offers:

  • Shooting down the longest downhill luge track (5,905 feet!) in the world at Skyline Luge Calgary (group and team bookings available).

  • Racing on the bobsleigh track made famous by Team Jamaica during the ’88 Winter Olympic Games and the Disney film Cool Runnings. It’s considered the fastest sport on ice. The pilot will speed you through ten turns reaching speeds of over 60 miles per hour and experiencing up to 4 Gs of force. There’s also a summer version that takes 4 riders down a track of 10 turns hitting speeds of nearly 50 mph and a force of 2 Gs. But if both of those options are just a little too fast for your group’s liking there is also the Acura (snow) Tube Park that is the largest of its kind in Western Canada.

  • Soaring across North America’s Fastest Zipline. The adventure incorporates three different lines and takes about an hour. After the training line, attendees are brought to the 295-foot ski jump tower for the Monster – North America’s fastest zipline. Next up is the eight-story Plaza Zipline, which takes riders into a treed area and back down to the base.



World-Class Knowledge and Experience

If your group has a unique interest or need, speak with the local convention and visitors bureau to leverage local knowledge and experience. Learning more about the intellectual capital available in an area can give a place a unique advantage as your next event location.



There are multiple benefits to looking for a host city that is rich in an area of knowledge that appeals to your group. Some of these include:

  • keyboard_arrow_right A larger speaker pool.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Creative ideas and experts from another area of the world.
  • keyboard_arrow_right “Field trips” to local areas of interest such as universities, labs, archeological digs, and others that are unique to the area.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Additional attendees or volunteers who are interested in your event’s subject matter.


If you plan for an industry or association conference, you can contact local members in your proposed host city or work with the CVB to uncover some of the most unique sites, research, and experts in your area of interest. For instance, event planners looking for the following industries might consider working with Calgary to meet their attendees’ needs, because Calgary has a special group called the Calgary Champions.


Calgary Champions is a group of professionals that helps bring conferences of interest to Calgary. This group looks for events in particular industries or learning paths that the city is well-suited to host because of its deep knowledge and talent in the areas. Calgary is fortunate to have a diversified economy. The city is in a unique position to host healthcare, science, energy, and several other fields:

keyboard_arrow_right Cleantech
keyboard_arrow_right Agribusiness
keyboard_arrow_right Aerospace
keyboard_arrow_right Manufacturing
keyboard_arrow_right Transportation
keyboard_arrow_right Logistics



The Awe of Natural Wonder

Natural beauty is another unique differentiator when it comes to host city selection. Do you want to host your event in an urban area? Around beaches? The desert? Each has its own appeal and defines the area and the experience.

Even some urban areas can boast amazing green space and outdoor activities. Calgary, for instance, is Canada’s sunniest major city. Attendees at events there can take advantage of the 497 miles (800 kms) of walking and cycling paths. They can rent bikes and ride along the river cycling path or rent kayaks and rafts to float past downtown on the Bow River.


Sometimes an urban area can provide amazing natural wonder within a short distance so attendees can enjoy the best of both worlds—the convenience of a central location mixed with the allure of nature. As an example of how conference attendees can enjoy natural sites they can’t see every day, Calgary is well within day-trip driving distance to the following:

  • keyboard_arrow_right the stunning Canadian Rocky Mountains (1 hour)
  • keyboard_arrow_right UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Banff & Jasper National Park (1 and 3 hours, respectively)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Dinosaur Provincial Park (2 hours)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Waterton Lakes National Park (3 hours)



The Flavor of the Beverage Scene

Foodies are quick to mention the “taste” of a town, but there’s more to enjoy than delicious dishes. Crowds get thirsty. When they do, what will your host city have for them? Will you serve the same beverage they can get in any airport bar, or will you look for opportunities for attendees to savor the flavor of the land?

Serving up distinct regional tastes, or educating attendees about a beverage process they know little about can set your event apart from others. Make sure you talk to the host about how you want to stress the differences in the culinary or beverage offerings in the area, and not just how things are harvested and created. What makes their local beverage better, tastier, earthier, oakier, etc.? For example, Alberta’s ideal growing conditions produce some of the world’s best barley, helping to fuel Calgary’s booming microbrewery and distillery scene.

A popular activity in Calgary is biking; what about adding biking and microbreweries? Get your crew on some 15-passenger u–shaped bikes and pedal your way between Alberta’s top craft beer taprooms and breweries.




As a savvy event professional, you know you want a host city that is going to make a big impression. But after pouring over countless RFPs, they all start to look alike. That’s why you want to explore areas that can provide your attendees with a truly unique experience. Look for these in an area’s hospitality, its artisans, its natural beauty, and its food and beverages.

If you’re looking for a unique host city, Calgary can provide customized, local experiences. It’s that local experience that will set your event apart from all the others.


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07 Jun

Do you have what it takes to make it in the event industry?


If you answered “yes” based solely on your event planning skills, you might be surprised to know that our international group of experts didn’t rank that quality as number one in terms of importance.

As event planning professionals, we all know that it takes incredible chops to be in this game. It tests your patience, your ingenuity, your stamina, your stress tolerance, and every tool in your toolbelt.

So what do you need to succeed?

We spoke with dozens of eventprofs worldwide, with years of collective experience across global markets, associations and big name brands. From CEOs and owners to event marketers, managers and chief strategists (plus everything in between). Our research indicated the top event management skills and qualities event planners really need to succeed.


The Top 5 Most Important Event Planning Skills

keyboard_arrow_right People skills
keyboard_arrow_right Organization
keyboard_arrow_right Time management
keyboard_arrow_right Flexibility
keyboard_arrow_right Passion

81% of the respondents agreed that ‘people skills’ and ‘organization’ are two essential skills every event professional needs. Around three quarters also cited time management, flexibility and passion. That’s pretty much in line with what we would expect, but let’s see what the experts had to say specifically.



  • “You have to be able to carry out your vision and sometimes crack the whip to get it done. Resolve problems and issues quickly. You must be able to stand calm at zero hour when something doesn’t go your way. Your team should look to you for everything; the last thing they need is a shaky leader that makes rash decisions because they crack under pressure.”

Kevin Jurczyk
National Marketing Director at Branstrator Sunrooms and Basement Systems of America

  • “Possess strong interpersonal skills. You need to be comfortable reacting to and dealing with high-level executives, government officials, vendors, co-workers, sponsor representatives, customers, supervisors, suppliers, full-time staff, part-time staff, volunteers and more.”

James Minella
Event Operations Director



  • “Knowledge and Business Sense: They must understand the business as well as the covert and the overt professional reasons for the event to be happening. And hence, must be in a capacity to provide the right input and direction to the client.”

Sanjeev Kotnala
AVP and National Head of Brand Communications, Bhaskar Group

Nicole Bennett
Owner, Perry Consulting

Paula Entwistle-Mille
Account Manager, Ketchum



James Minella
Event Operations Director

  • “You should know how to multitask, but you should be able to plan your day in a way that gives you blocks of time where you can focus solely on the project at hand. Your end product will be much more thorough. You should also be organized so you don’t waste time looking for things and reinventing forms/files etc.”

Nicole Bennett
Owner, Perry Consulting



  • “I’ve known many event managers who can organize their way out of a wet paper bag with the lights off, but the qualities that make someone succeed, and not just survive, start with problem solving. Know how to be a problem solver; events are vehicles for strategic solutions and not just a list of logistics to organize.”

Jill McClure
CSEP, CMP, Senior Vice President

  • “Be a Swiss Army Knife: be multi-dimensional, good at multitasking, with no issues in rolling your sleeves up at times to overcome a shortage of resources or to avert the last minute crisis.”

Sanjeev Kotnala
AVP and National Head of Brand Communications, Bhaskar Group

  • “A planner must double as a janitor or fireman. Often, dealing with cleaning up messes and putting out fires is part of the job. Quickly, quietly and efficiently. Get it done, then get back to the task at hand.”

Kevin R. Johnston
CMP – CEO, Advantage Event Group



  • “Be passionate. If it is just a job or a paycheck any event planner will be viewed as average. The passion to make it more productive, more exciting, more, more, more, is what drives this business. Otherwise, we’d all be eating on white tablecloths with votive candles and parquet dance floors.”

Kevin R. Johnston
CMP – CEO, Advantage Event Group

Sanjeev Kotnala
AVP and National Head of Brand Communications, Bhaskar Group


Interested to know what our take on this was before the research? Here is EventMB’s top 6 skills list!

Having taken the pulse on the top 5 skills event planners need to stay in the game, let’s shift focus on how to up your game and really take it to the next level.


What is Event Management at the Peak of Your Career?

Having looked at the essentials for success, let’s look at the difference between what being an event planner entails at the start of an event planning career, and how it evolves once you climb the ladder.

What does an event planning job look like when you get to the top?

When you get to a certain stage in your event planning career, your skillset has to expand beyond simply planning events and being a list executioner. Your job will encompass a range of higher-level duties characteristic of more leadership-oriented event planning jobs.

Ready to really differentiate yourself? Start winning more coveted contracts with our awesome resume template.


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07 Jun

This is a sponsored post from Québec City Business Destination. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts.


The perfect host city can make a critical difference in your sporting event. A city’s venues are important, but its planning services/offerings and relationship with you, the sporting event planner, are what create the foundation for a successful event. Work with cities that look for mutual benefit and become a partner in your success.

When you build a relationship of mutual satisfaction, you have a partner in marketing, planning, recruiting, and so many more areas.

But how do you find a host city that will help you with these things? As one of the largest beneficiaries of your event, you may assume all host cities are the same in what they offer outside of venues. That is not the case.

There are very particular experiences, offerings, and services you should look for when auditioning host cities.

Here are a few things to consider:


Experience with Sporting Events

Finding a host city that has experience with sporting events or competitions benefits you in many ways. Sports experience means they likely have the facilities/infrastructure, knowledge, community involvement, and lodging necessary for the best sporting competitions.

Experience with the type and season of your sport is another important factor. Having extensive experience in skiing events, for instance, won’t help your soccer tournament.

Speak to host city planners to get a better understanding of the size, season, and sport they are used to hosting. Whenever possible, inquire about the city’s general fandom. Is there a strong base of fans for your sport? (A hockey event will be better attended in Ottawa than Osaka.)

Don’t be shy to ask them the particulars of their involvement in areas like marketing, ticket sales and promotion, or anything else they might be willing to do.

Look for a host city that offers sports services as part of their assistance package. Ask about their pedigree. Some cities may even be award-winning in their efforts. For instance, Québec City was voted 2nd best Canadian sporting destination by the Canadian Sports Tourism Alliance (CSTA) in its inaugural Global Sports Impact (GSI) Canada Index in 2019.

Québec City was also nationally-recognized for its experience as host for past major events, such as the Red Bull Crashed Ice (over 10 years), 2012 SportAccord Convention, and the Conversation 2015: Women in Sports.

A seasoned sports host city can help you with a range of event planning challenges:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Bid package preparation and support.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Site inspections and coordination.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Support for your event, including local vendor suggestions.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Personalized support. Sports events vary greatly. You need individualized suggestions and support.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Promotional tools.

Québec City Business Destination, for instance, assigns a personalized account executive to your team, and you always have access to promotional tools like photos, videos, logos, PowerPoints, and other documents that can have a powerful impact on your sporting event marketing.



Easy Access and Lodging

Sporting events often bring in large groups of fans, vendors, and sponsors, not to mention press and TV crews. It’s important to select a city that can accommodate the different needs of each of these groups. Ask yourself and the host city the following questions:

Québec City boasts over 17,000 rooms and its convention bureau, Québec City Business Destination, with people who specialize in the kinds of details required by large-scale sporting events.

It’s also easy to get to via the Jean Lesage International Airport, where a U.S. preclearance centre will open and further facilitate travel between Québec City and the U.S.

Québec City also offers a European-style ambiance for a smaller ticket price for North American travelers. Sports fans also appreciate a walkable town. A host city that is pedestrian-friendly can help travelers cut costs by not having to rent a car and pay for downtown parking. Plus, they can more fully enjoy Old Québec on foot.

Another key factor in a walkable city is safety. It doesn’t matter if locations are easily accessible if it’s dangerous to explore them. Québec City is not only safe to walk, but it also has the ability and experience to handle the special security considerations that come from hosting international events and sporting competitions.


Enjoyable Spaces

Let’s face it, you likely need additional space (outside of hotel rooms and venues) for your sporting event. You may need rooms for press conferences, meet and greets, sponsor lounges, and other spots like training/workout facilities that are an essential part of your sporting event or competition.

Québec City’s convention centre offers close to 300,000 square feet of meeting space, and the city in general offers a range of venues from intimate country estates to large downtown hotel brands.

The city’s two largest venues are only ten minutes apart, so the facilities of the Québec City Convention Centre and the Exhibition Centre can be combined for hundreds of thousands of square feet of space between them alone.

There are also many special spaces catering to arts and history, heritage, military, wellness, and many other venues that can help you set an additional theme for your sporting event or special ceremony. Plus, Québec offers a respected destination team and sports event account professional who can help you find the right spaces for your needs.



Don’t forget to look into the outside spaces where your athletes can compete and sponsors can offer crowd-drawing demonstrations. Québec draws athletes with the opportunity to go head to head on the Plains of Abraham, which is an urban park in the heart of the city.

The St. Lawrence River not only makes a nice backdrop for sporting activities, it’s also an amazing spot for kayaking and canoeing. In the winter, snowboarders and skiers amaze crowds with gravity-defying tricks from the giant jump at Îlot Fleurie.

Sports event planners also need the flexibility of different configurations for different levels of play, and Québec City can accommodate that. For instance, the Pavillon de la Jeunesse (Amphitheatre) not only has 4,000 stadium-style seats and four dressing rooms for team competitions, but it also offers a skating rink that can be converted from Olympic to North American dimensions.

Seasonal flexibility can also allow you to use a host city for multiple events throughout the year. For instance, snow skiing events (including cross country) might use Mont Sainte-Anne Ski Resort in Quebec during winter months and a mountain bike organization can host its events there in warmer weather. Versatility of place can be a real bonus.


Recurring Events

Just as you might read a review before booking a vacation or buying a product, look at the prospect host city’s retention rate of returning sporting events. This is not a foolproof measure as some events rotate host cities each year, but for those that can and do return, it’s a good indication that the event planners are satisfied with the outcomes and the relationships.

Perform several quick searches on the internet to see what past attendees and organizers have said about your potential host city. Read testimonials. What words come up over and over? Are these the types of comments you want associated with your event?

Québec City boasts several high-profile sporting events that return each year. They include: Coupe Banque Nationale (Tennis), the International Mountain Bike Festival, the Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec City (a popular leg of the UCI World Tour), and the Jamboree FIS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard event.



Active Audiences

Sports event planners know that a successful sporting event attracts an active audience that likely wants to participate in some of the sports they’re watching. For instance, attendees at a ski competition might want to hit the slopes afterward. That’s why finding a host city that has a lot of public spaces and arenas can be a big hit with the crowds attending your event.

It also helps to have a host city with an active audience that loves sports. While you can count on people traveling to your destination, local attendees are already there and can have a big effect on the success of your event. Their enthusiasm, word of mouth marketing, and attendance at the pre-events make a difference.

Québec City is a year-round sporting paradise. Not only does it have a number of professional sporting venues, it offers distinctive green space throughout the city and just minutes from downtown.

Québec City has an energized audience of sports and outdoor lovers. They enjoy attending and volunteering at events. Some of the ‘hottest’ cold-weather activities in Québec revolve around sports.

Locals (and visitors) love the Québec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament, the Snow Pentathlon, The Ice Canoe Race Grand Defi Victor, and the Snowboard Jamboree. Québec City also hosts the International Karate Championships, the Defi Escaliers, and the Québec City Marathon, in addition to the rotating events and those mentioned earlier.


Festivals and Events

Hosting in a city with many festivals and events (not to mention tourist attractions and things to do) gives your sporting audience plenty of entertainment and opportunities after the competitions.

Festivals and events can also make your sports competition different from others as it will take on the flavor of your host city and the people there. Attendees will extend trips, which provides you with the opportunity for upsells, additional activities, and providing a greater experience.

Québec City is alive year-round with exciting things to do, festivals to attend, and experiences you won’t find elsewhere. From the Ice Hotel to the Winter Carnival, ice fishing at the Village Nordik to St. Patrick’s Day, cold weather is anything but boring. There’s the Wendake International Pow Wow, a German Christmas Market, and a summer festival to name a few.

Each of these activities is unique to Québec and is a reflection of the culture and history of the area. Working with a host city that offers memorable experiences and opportunities provides another reason to attend.



Green Ways

While not a requirement, many athletes prefer a greener lifestyle with less processed foods and a cleaner environment. It is not surprising, then, that they might enjoy going to a host city that makes that sort of healthy lifestyle choice and environmentalism a priority. Québec boasts over 20 green buildings including the Québec City Convention Centre. It also is a leader in the farm-to-table movement, which the foodies in your audience will enjoy.



Before selecting a host city for your sporting event, consider more than just the venues and sporting arenas available. Think about the additional spaces available, the marketing, planning, and experience of the host. You’re looking for a city that makes a good partner in your success.

Québec Meeting and Conventions can help you find the pieces you need and even help with the ones you didn’t know you needed. Contact them today for information about planning your next sporting event.


Credit: Source link

07 Jun

We are happy to release a new report to help event professionals harness the power of storytelling to create better events.

What you will find inside:

  • keyboard_arrow_right What Are Stories and Why Do They Work
  • keyboard_arrow_right Why Does Storytelling Matter?
  • keyboard_arrow_right How to Tell a Good Story
  • keyboard_arrow_right Building Your Own Stories.
  • keyboard_arrow_right 4 Tips to Make Sure Your Story Resonates
  • keyboard_arrow_right Test Your Storytelling Efficacy
  • keyboard_arrow_right A Business Case for Storytelling
  • keyboard_arrow_right Applying a Story to an Event: The Attendee Journey
  • keyboard_arrow_right Lessons in Storytelling from Hollywood and Madison Avenue
  • keyboard_arrow_right Make Your Attendees Care
  • keyboard_arrow_right Conferring a Concept, Mood or Reputation onto a Place or Event

This report is aimed at event professionals that want to change their event or brand narrative, and is a great resource for exhibit managers that want to step up their trade show activations.

It was written with the fantastic contribution and support of our friends at GES.

Download the free PDF here

Credit: Source link

07 Jun

This is a sponsored post by Meetings + Conventions Calgary. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts.


The most fundamental rule of real estate can be just as important for events: location, location, location. An event’s host city can play a pivotal role in attracting attendees.


Most event planners will choose a city based on reputation, and then select one of its major hotels or convention centers to satisfy all their venue requirements.

With more and more offsite venues providing unique experiences for conferences and events, it may be time to rethink this routine. Why not consider what venues a city has to offer before landing on it as your destination of choice?

Think outside the box. Business events aren’t just for conference centers anymore. Libraries, museums, sports facilities, and even zoos are getting in on the action.  With the right mix of venues, your guests can enjoy the best a city has to offer without missing a single networking opportunity.


Pick Your Area Of Interest To Find The Right Venues

If you want your attendees to leave with stories they’ll be sharing for years to come, pick venues that will add a dash of recreation to the agenda.

Think like a tourist, but research like an event professional. What places would you like to visit if you were on vacation? Are any of these facilities available to rent? Will these venues give your attendees lasting memories and a flavor for the city?

Start by narrowing down the general areas of interest that are most likely to engage your target demographic. Some ideas to consider include:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Arts, Culture, and Innovation
  • keyboard_arrow_right Museums and Heritage Sites
  • keyboard_arrow_right Sports and Outdoor Activities
  • keyboard_arrow_right Zoos

Once you’ve laid out some options, look into what types of meetings they can accommodate. Forward-thinking cities are starting to recognize that opening the door to business opportunities creates a win-win situation: clients like you are not only enjoying the city’s most treasured institutions, but reinvesting in them.


Spotlight On Calgary

Exactly how does such a business-friendly mindset translate into more exciting offsite venue options? Canada’s Rocky Mountain metropolis, Calgary, provides a good example of what to expect from this model.

Popular with tourists for its yearly stampede, Calgary also meets all the criteria at the top of an event planner’s checklist. It combines the local with the global, and it offers just as much modern convenience as traditional flair.

What you may not have anticipated is that many of its best attractions provide rental spaces for conferences and other events. You might be surprised by the options!


Libraries: They House Knowledge, And They Host Events

Libraries may not be top of mind when it comes to event spaces, but the most enterprising cities worldwide are starting to realize how versatile these venues can be. Some of the biggest, most impressive libraries are available for private functions.

And what better way to communicate your commitment to sharing the best and brightest ideas of the day than to host an offsite event at a library? If you have a guest speaker who is launching a new book, the library is the perfect location to host a book-signing event.

Hosting an event at the library can also generate publicity on the local level. To make the most of this outreach potential, consider letting a limited number of people purchase individual event tickets without registering for a full conference pass.

The key is to pick a library with unique design features that foster a sense of community and a love of learning.

Calgary’s new Central Library boasts all these selling points. Its stunning architectural design functions as a ‘bridge’ between Calgary’s downtown core and the East Village. If you needed any more evidence of how much it unites the community, over half of all Calgarians are card-carrying members!

Like many contemporary libraries, it is built around the concept of open exchange. Its elliptical foyer creates an expansive central meeting place that unifies multiple levels–in other words, the ideal layout for a networking event.

For information on spaces to rent: Calgary Central Library


Music Centres Are Made For Events, So Why Not Yours?

Music halls are a natural fit for events–they offer wide-open spaces and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment. Look for a music venue that offers the best of all worlds: world-class architecture, cutting-edge technology, and cultural capital.

Just like libraries, a city’s prime musical center is often a hub of cultural activity, with a design that considers visual appeal just as much as acoustic quality.

If you want the ambience of live background music with the perfect sound balance, a music venue might be the way to go.

Calgary’s Studio Bell (National Music Centre) not only has the facilities to host musical performances, but it can also accommodate large cocktail events and other gatherings. With a shimmering interior clad in 226,000 glazed terracotta tiles, it exemplifies the streamlined elegance of contemporary design.

It also houses an award-winning museum installation and Canada’s Music Hall of Fame!

Fun activity: host a music-themed trivia game.

For information on spaces to rent: Studio Bell


Science Centers: Bring The Spark Of Invention To Your Event

Science centres can add a whole new twist to the business event experience, and many are opening their doors to external event planners.

When reviewing the science museums of a potential host city, make sure you look into:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Special temporary exhibits that coincide with your event.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Guided educational tours.
  • keyboard_arrow_right Labs and studios that offer hands-on training or group activities.

Try to find a science museum that combines informational displays with team-building experiences.

Calgary’s TELUS Spark, for example, not only features an array of impressive museum exhibitions, but also offers interactive studios in coding, animation, and computer graphics. Their “Innovative Team Builder” exercises even involve game design challenges.

If you are looking to host a large-scale event, they even have several beautifully designed spaces that can accommodate conferences and tradeshows.

For information on spaces to rent: TELUS Spark


Heritage Sites: Give Your Event Historical Weight With A Blast From The Past

For a memorable event, you want to choose a city with its finger on the pulse, but you also want a destination that is rich with cultural history.

The most engaging heritage venues are ones that allow visitors to immerse themselves in a bygone era. Look for venues that allow guests to walk through–or even dine in–original structures and recreated buildings.

Hosting an event inside a vintage environment can be a great way to keep the spirit of the past alive while creating a memorable experience for your attendees. Take it up a notch by incorporating props or role-playing games.

Calgary not only has multiple sites dedicated to the legacy of its frontier origins, but it has made these spaces available as rentable facilities.



The word “fort” automatically conjures images of a battle-ready populace, and Fort Calgary gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of early settlers. Its facilities include the Interpretive Centre (a reconstruction of the city’s original barracks) and Hunt House (an original trading post building from the days of fur trappers). And yes, you can rent dining halls here!

Fort Calgary



Heritage Park is an immersive ‘village’ featuring multiple historically-themed attractions. The “Wainwright Hotel” recreates the stately dining halls and infamous saloons of the frontier heyday. “Gasoline Alley” delights visitors with a display of vintage automobiles, and its floor plan can accommodate a 400-person banquet.

Heritage Park



With its exterior walls still bearing the painted signs of its past life, the Simmons Building is a former mattress factory that has been repurposed as a culinary hotspot for the trendsetting crowd.

Simmons Building


Sports Complexes Are A One-Stop Shop For Spacious Venues And Exciting Activities

Concert performers have long taken advantage of the arena-style venues of the sports world. Now, it’s time for event planners to get in on the action. Add the adrenaline rush of extreme sports to the equation, and you have the makings of an unforgettable experience.

While Calgary’s WinSport Olympic Park has been credited with boosting Canada to the top of the podium in Olympic winter sports, its state-of-the-art facilities can also give office workers a chance to live the dream for an afternoon.

Winter activities include the usual suspects of skiing and snowboarding, as well as more niche options like the “Ice House” luge-track. It is the only indoor facility of its kind in North America, and it even offers video reviews of individual sessions.

And the fun doesn’t end with the winter season–thrill seekers can get their fix all year long. In the summer, you can slide across North America’s fastest zipline or ride along 12.5 miles (20 km) of mountain bike trails.

Fun bonus: look for a venue that offers mementoes of your activities, such as finish-line snapshots or play-by-play video recordings.

Sports facilities don’t have to be limited to break-out activities, either. WinSport’s arena, with a capacity for almost 4000 guests, has established a reputation for hosting business events with its award-winning catering.

If you would rather offer your guests the spectator experience, look for venues hosting special sporting events and tournaments.

For example, Calgary’s Spruce Meadows equestrian facility hosts show-jumping tournaments throughout much of the year, and its facilities have all the versatility needed to host major events.

Leveraging modern technology to meet the needs of equestrian shows, its “Equi-Plex” venue uses a modular flooring design to create up to 56,000 square feet of space! Not just for horse shows, this space can accommodate conferences, conventions, and trade shows.

Spruce Meadows


Events At The Zoo: Contribute To Conservation While Wowing Your Guests

If you want to create an event that is truly keeping with the times, think of ways to bring environmental consciousness to the table. Move beyond simply cutting back on paper waste with the use of electronic apps, and choose venues that put conservation and sustainability front and center.

Things to consider:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Does the organization actively support an environmental cause?
  • keyboard_arrow_right Where does it source its catering?
  • keyboard_arrow_right Does it take advantage of the latest in energy-saving technology?

The Calgary Zoo has a long-held commitment to wildlife preservation, and its facilities look to minimize their environmental impact every step of the way. Hosting an event at the Calgary Zoo lets you enjoy the marvels of nature while helping to conserve its bounty for future generations.

The zoo’s meeting and banquet facilities include the ENMAX Conservatory, one of the most energy-efficient greenhouses in the world. The Calgary Zoo’s catering service even grows its own produce onsite, with other ingredients sourced from local suppliers.


Special Considerations For Offsite Venues

As more and more establishments recognize the benefit of welcoming private functions, your offsite options become more and more diverse.

This diversity also means that you may have to take some extra logistical considerations into account. These include:

  • Seasonal Considerations.

    It goes without saying that any facilities offering outdoor options will be affected by seasonal changes, but it’s worth doing a little research before making assumptions. You might be surprised – the Calgary Zoo, for example, has a special light show on display during the winter months.

  • Scheduling Options.

    The versatility of offsite venues can sometimes create scheduling conflicts. Many public institutions, for example, have limited hours of availability for private events. The main foyer of Calgary’s Central Library can be rented, but only outside of standard library hours in the late evening. On the other hand, when it comes to venues that host musical shows and sports tournaments, events that compete for scheduling space might also translate to bonus attractions.

Although offsite venues may sometimes involve a little extra legwork, your investment will pay off in the end.



If you want to surprise your guests with the unexpected, offsite venues can add a whole new dimension to the experience. When choosing a city for your next event, remember that there are options beyond run-of-the mill conference centers and hotel facilities.

Venue rental options may be accessible in every corner of the city, including:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Libraries
  • keyboard_arrow_right Arts and Culture Centers
  • keyboard_arrow_right Science Museums
  • keyboard_arrow_right Heritage Sites
  • keyboard_arrow_right Athletic Facilities
  • keyboard_arrow_right Zoos

The ideal city is one that has made its top tourist attractions available to rent. In Calgary, everything from the library to the zoo is fair game, so don’t sell yourself short on the hunt by limiting yourself to traditional conference spaces.


Credit: Source link

06 Jun

What is the best event registration software? This question gets asked a lot. Here are the best online event registration tools for your event.


What if there was a quick way to find and compare registration software?

Guess what, there is!

We have spent the past 7 years analyzing all the top tools, and we came up with a list that sums up what event planners and marketers need to know to select the best conference registration software.

Of course, with 100+ tools out there, how do you choose the best tool for your event?


Make the Right Event Registration Tool Choice

To make it easy for you and save you literally hours of research, we have gathered information on the best event registration software on the market.

We have summed up this research in two resources:

The Good Event Management Software Guide

This the most referenced guide to event registration software in the world, and best of all, it’s a free PDF download! Get your free copy using the form below. It will help you select the ideal event registration for your event.

A quick list of the best event registration software with easy-to-skim filters

We’ve organized all the tools according to price, so you can quickly skim through the best ones for you. We have also linked the online registration software reviews we have done for some, so you can get an in-depth look at some of the tools.

Are you ready to talk event registration software?




Annual fee    cost per user
Free card processing

Aanmelder.nl is event software that helps you organize smart business events. Participant registration, event registration website and communication is made easy. Event organizers save about 20 minutes of work per participant with online registration. aanmelder.nl event software charges a fee per registered event participant.

Accelevents Event Management

Monthly fee    card processing fee
Cost per user

Create an event and begin selling tickets in minutes. Save time on setup and sell more tickets! A quick and easy setup means event planners can begin selling tickets online in minutes. It includes a fully customized event page and dedicated URL for the event.


Free card processing

Event accreditation done right. Accedion fills the gap between the limitations of using Excel and the burden of using a bulky, expensive, custom-made accreditation platform for your event. Need specific functionality or advanced integration with existing software? The developer team is ready to help out.

Aidaio Hub

Free signup 
Other fee structure not disclosed

Our event registration management platform adapts to the event. It integrates seamlessly with Eventbrite, or you can generate the guest list through an Excel import or via the registration form. Event registration forms are branded, mobile-responsive and support multiple, conditional fields types. Create multiple tickets types and integrate with payment gateways for smoother ticket sales.


Fee Structure Not disclosed 

A complete event schedule management solution for event organizers. With Allcal, you can build a mobile event app, branded online schedule, and ticketing system. Manage everything in one place and get valuable engagement data through the dashboard. Allcal was created for event pros who want more engagement and communication before, during, and after the event.


EventMB Review    Monthly fee: starts at $499/month    Cost per user    Card processing fee: 1.5%

Attendease is an all-in-one event registration software and automation platform for corporate event teams. Built to enable a repeatable, scalable event planning and execution process, Attendease includes event registration, event marketing, attendee experience, publishing and automation, and event measurement features.


EventMB Review    Monthly fee    Annual fee    Cost per user

Event technology for the entire attendee experience. Powerful registration with simple pricing. All the features event planners need with flexible pricing for any size event. Features include a branded registration page, customizable checkout forms, a fast check-in app, a private social network, and an event guide — among others.

Aventri (f0rmerly etouches)

EventMB Review    Pricing structure not disclosed

Grow your meetings and events. Our event registration technology has enabled thousands of brands globally to transform the way they plan and execute their meetings and events. Our event registration system helps you simplify event planning. It has the power and flexibility global enterprises need and the scalability that event organizers love.

Axaco Air

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Axaco Air leads you through a successful event from planning realisation to follow-up and statistics. It is a flexible system designed to give total control over incoming registrations for the event. Axaco Air is user-friendly and user support is included for the duration of the project.


Monthly fee: cost per event based on tier: light, standard, and conference

An efficient event networking platform, b2match is designed to connect people at events with efficient and goal-oriented networking. b2match enables your attendees to register for your event, see who’s going, and book meetings with other participants. The matchmaking platform easily integrates with the event and ensures that everyone leaves with connections that matter.


Free    Cost per user: 5.0% + £0.6 per ticket

Start selling tickets online in minutes. Share your event via social media and email. Add ticket sales to your website and Facebook event. You decide who pays: you or your guests. Free events are just that: free! We charge no fee on those. After your event ends, we’ll process the revenue in 3-5 business days and send it to your bank account.


Free for individual    Fee for corporate and enterprise

Small meetings made simple. An easy-to-use solution built for your entire team to use. Savings and compliance guaranteed. With a comprehensive venue network, seamless booking, concierge support, and automated compliance, Bizly offers self-service conference registration software with full-service support.


EventMB Review    Packages: Planner, Pro, and Elite

Event success software for modern planners. All of the needed tools to create rewarding events, while surfacing insights to help you grow in ways you never thought were possible. Create marketing programs to drive event registrations, design an on-brand digital experience, and bring people with communities. Measure outcomes and integrate event data across platforms.


Annual fee    Credits

Improve on-site event experiences with powerful conference registration software. Features include on-site check-in, on-demand badge printing, multi-session tracking, voucher redemption, self-service check-in, QR code scanning, NFC technology, certificates, custom notifications on arrival, walk-in registrations and many more.

Brushfire Online Ticketing & Registration

Cost per user: $1+1%, $2+1%

Brushfire is the trusted provider of online ticketing and registration for churches and ministries worldwide. Features include robust ticketing, flexible registrations, reporting, email marketing, mobile app, integrations, assigned seating capabilities, PCI compliance, and Privacy Shield. Consulting and support available for an additional fee.

ClearEvent Event Management Software

EventMB Review    Free: no fee for up to 2 users    Monthly fee    Card processing fee

Event registration software for everyone. Sell tickets, register attendees, and manage your entire event — all in one place. Features include the ability to accept payments, detailed dashboard, segmentation tools, event contacts, assignments, customized branding on the event portal, and many more.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Concierge.com offers innovative conference registration software + a dynamic team of event and hospitality pros to create an exceptional, ‘frictionless’ experience for every guest. With features like registration, groups, travel, itineraries for every guest, and other event registration tools, event planners can save time and reduce costs.


EventMB Review    Free: for free events    2.5% on the Ticket Price    Fee per registration    No fee for free spaces    Unlimited Registrants 

A home for your event. Stunning, simple, and everything’s included. Conferize is built inside out to be ridiculously simple, because you need to bring people together and not manage complicated systems. All Conferize event registration websites include our fully-managed cloud hosting, ensuring your event registration website remains available at all times.

Connect Space

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Start supercharging your events with matchmaking, event apps, data collection forms, and lightning fast onsite services. Features also include event marketing, an intuitive registration system, a customizable agenda, video streaming, a unique event registration website, and live support.


EventMB Review    Monthly

All-in-one event registration software for event managers going beyond limits within a limited budget. Build a registration form for attendees, enable electronic payments and automated invoices, send mass invitations, create and export reports, create an event registration website, receive academic papers, and do a lot more.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

ConSoft is the choice for professional event planners managing national and international congresses, corporate conferences and events, association conferences, workshop programs, and more. Create a conference website, manage attendee registration, manage abstract submissions, and improve the efficiency of other tasks.


EventMB Review    Fee structure not disclosed

Transform events into experiences. Easy-to-use, powerful online event registration software. Navigate every aspect of the event process. Increase attendance and engagement. Features include powerful reporting, strategic integrations, and award-winning, 24/7 customer service. Cvent provides easy-to-use, integrated technology solutions to maximize the impact of your meetings and events.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Simplify your work with event web building and event registration websites; carry out mail shots and manage check-in on-site. Save time by handling the administration simply and effectively, before, during and after your event. Take full control of your participants. Subscribe to our system and manage it easily yourself.


Packages: Swim, Run, Fly

Digitevent is the ideal solution to facilitate event planners tasks. We provide them with powerful event registration tools to manage attendees and boost registrations. The modular platform includes invitations and marketing, online registrations, guest check-in on tablets, actionable analytics. There are three plans: swim, run and fly.

DoubleDutch Registration

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Modern event registration software. Easily create branded registration experiences for your company’s events. Implement online ticketing and registration easily. The registration software allows organizers the ability to create beautiful registration websites and forms without the need for a web developer.


Free under 30 registrants    Monthly fee: under 1k    Annual fee: under 1k; 1k-5k

Comprehensive event platform that enables academic conferences become knowledge producers. Conferences produce new knowledge. Using our cloud-based, all-in-one event registration platform, event organizers can manage abstract submissions and program schedules, send email campaigns, take online payments and build event registration websites.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

The complete event registration platform for all organizers large or small, helping them to keep 100% focus and control of your business and event delivery. Engage unifies departments within your organisation with a central delivery platform; sales, marketing, operational delivery, registration, conference management, floor planning, finance and online portals.

Entegy Suite

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Event technology powering remarkable experiences. The Entegy Suite is an event communication and engagement platform designed to meet all your event goals. Consisting of a set of powerful products that work independently or together, the Entegy Suite delivers remarkable experiences at events of all sizes and budgets.

Enterprise Event Management Solution/Streampoint Solutions

Fee Structure Not disclosed

We offer conference registration software solutions to help eventprofs power their events. We also share news, tips and best practices in the events industry. Features include registration, design, housing, online registration, plastic badges, beacons, self check-in, event registration website, integrations, and more. Through dedication, we provide an unparalleled level of customer service.

Epsilon Registration

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Epsilon’s technology is a state-of-the-art online and onsite registration and communications system that can handle the most demanding requirements. Our system provides real-time reporting. Epsilon Registration has the experience, technology and expertise to help get people to the conference and provide a great first impression when they arrive.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Event registration solution for everyone. Go easy and super productive with our amazing online applications. Features include an event success platform; valuable, digestible detailed reports, event dashboard, payment collection, intelligent form logic, accommodation management, and online registration.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

eRSVP.com is the most flexible, user-friendly and configurable front-to-back event registration system available to date allowing meeting planners to create event registration websites, sending online invitations, managing e-marketing, providing secure payment solutions, enhancing attendee relationships and more.


EventMB Review    Monthly under 1k    Annually 1-5k per event

Evenium believes in sharing engaging and valuable content between participants. Evenium provides eventapp and online solutions for corporate events, conferences & trainings. We help eventprofs create collaborative and innovating events. Features help with planning and presenting to achieve business objectives.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

EventCatalyst provides registration, business matchmaking, logistics, a CRM, massing mailing, tracking, online payment processing, multi-language capabilities, and affiliation. EventCatalyst is a SaaS platform for innovative tools for managing your business events, marketing and communication.

Event Espresso

Annual fee under 1k

Event registration plugin with event ticketing for WordPress. Event managers can control every aspect of their event –or automate it all– to make their event registration fit their situation, be successful and profitable. Easily collect all the data you need with a custom event registration form on your website.

Event Management Cloud from EventBank

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Increase productivity and simplify all your event operations with an award-winning solution. Plan, promote, and execute one or hundreds of events, large and small, from first idea to attendee follow-up after your event. Create beautiful event registration websites optimized for maximum conversion that match your branding, set up VIP and other tickets, and more.

Event Smart

Free Basic Plan    Monthly fee under 1k    Card processing fee $10/month    Credits

Free online event registration and ticketing websites. No commission and ticketing fees. Receive online payments. Free basic features. Organize unlimited events and sell unlimited paid tickets for free in your country and currency on your own Event Smart website. Free 14-day trial.


Free per registration: $1 per ticket, $1.50, $2.50, $3.50    Card processing fees 4.9% + 50c

Host your next event with our easy to use online ticketing platform. Features include flat-fee ticketing, event creation and event ticketing, event promotion, venue seating, credit card processing, social media sharing with patented social media marketing technology, attendee check-in, and more.


Annual fee over 5k    Cost per registration    Card processing fees $550 + 2.6% + $.3

Eventboost is an all-in-one event registration software platform. A professional event registration tool which simplifies the organization of any kind of event, before, during and after. Creating events online is fast and simple: configure details for your upcoming event with a user-friendly tool, designed to match any event registration workflow.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

From music festivals and conventions to pop-up dinners and photography classes, transform your vision into an experience people will love. Create a beautiful event listing page with built-in payment processing, analytics, and support in minutes. Manage and track your sales with real time reporting and analytics from any device. No fees for free tickets


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Founded by event professionals to lead a friendly revolution in the world of event technology. Simple (but really smart) cloud-based platform. All the technology you need before, during and after your event. Unified data (for greater insight). Unrivalled usability and integration. And yes, unprecedented value.


EventMB Review

Eventcore starts with a base technology but then counts on a team of developers dedicated to making the product work for each event prof’s specific needs. It’s more like service as a software rather than the other way around. Eventcore provides custom event experiences that go well beyond simple in-the-box frameworks.


Monthly fee $9/$29 per month    Cost per registration 4.9% + $1.29 per ticket

Create a beautiful event registration website in minutes. Instant setup. No coding required. Get started by choosing one of EventCreate’s event website themes, each handcrafted by our award winning design team. From there, you can quickly add content, import images or videos, customize your fonts, and modify the design to make the website your own.


Cost per registration $1.00 + 5.5%

Event execution and resource planning. Manage and track email campaigns, measure email campaign success, track ticket sales and attendee sign-ups, measure effectiveness of sales channels, and manage event operations before and on the day.


Monthly fee 1-5k

Attendee experience. Staff tools. Event data. Create ready-to-go, beautiful event registration websites with no effort and within fifteen minutes. Run faster event check-ins and improve on-site staff workflows with Eventfuel Manage. Get beautiful visualisations for your event results with insights into each attendee.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

With Eventicious, event managers can update information on the fly, deliver instant notifications of important announcements, eliminate paper handouts, and offer sponsors new ways to interact with the audience, like polls and targeted messages. Eventicious digitizes your event.


Cost per registration    Card processing fee 0.1%

Benefit from an innovative, comprehensive and easy-to-use solution designed for all professional event planners. Opt for business solutions that allow you to better plan your tasks and save time. Try a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution designed to let you be autonomous.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

With EventMax, you can manage all event content and collect speaker bios, papers, headshots, and final presentations. Allow speakers to schedule a dry-run of their presentations and coaching before the event. You can also manage registration and payment processing.


EventMB Review   Fee Structure Not disclosed

Create a better event experience. From registration and event apps to live polling, digital signage, surveys and more, EventMobi’s open event app platform has everything you need to engage your event attendees at every stage of your event lifecycle, from start to finish. Free trials are available.


Free for any event less than 50 people

Interactive experiences for any event. Everything in one place — event info, agenda, presentations, maps, things to do, and videos. Participants enjoy easy confirmations, info on speakers, connecting with other attendees, and keeping track of contact info. Additional features include distribution, invitation emails and seating management.

EventRebels Event Management Software Suite

Fee Structure Not disclosed

EventRebels is a provider of conference and event registration technology and services, including online and onsite registration, trade show software, e-marketing, real-time reporting, attendee-vendor matchmaking, surveys, call for papers, online membership, and management of programs and workshops. Their products suit planners, exhibitors and attendees.


Free up to 300 tickets

Distribute tickets, allocate meals and assign budgets directly, or collaboratively pass those tasks onto team leads with confidence that everything is being managed according to plan. Feature modules include: finance, accreditation, meals, applications, passouts (wristband pass-backs), and resources.



All in one event registration platform with everything needed to minimize risks and maximize returns. EventsAIR allows you the transparency to 1) see significant productivity gains, 2) create mobile apps on the fly, 3) manage multi-faceted events easily, 4) experience global 24/7 coverage, 5) invest in an economically sound and tested conference registration software solution for your business.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

World-class event registration tools for all events and meetings no matter the frequency, size or location. EventsCase is an all-in-one event registration software. Everything an event organizer needs in a single platform including event registration websites, registration, ticketing, payment, event apps, networking tools, 1-to-1 Meetings, emailing, advanced analytics, logistics and much more.

Eventsforce Registration

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Your event technology partner for experiences that matter. Cloud-based event registration software powering thousands of events worldwide. Feature areas include registration, abstracts, and awards. Manage websites, registrations, agendas, apps and reports all in one place with event registration tools that give your attendees a great event experience.


Free    Monthly fee $97    Annual $47, $970

Easy to use ticketing for both organizers and attendees. Create landing pages, track ticket sales, and more. Built with event managers in mind with none of the hassle (and no ticket fees) of traditional systems. Eventsframe integrates with popular payment and email platforms. No ticket fees, just one low monthly payment. Offers a 30-day free trial.


EventMB Review    Fee structure not disclosed

Well-rounded event registration software will take care of the planning nightmare, so you can dedicate your time to creating great experiences for your attendees. We provide intelligent user interfaces that will enable you to interact with event data and make better decisions. All your planning tools in one package.


EventMB Review     Annual fee starts at 5k    Cost per user

An award-winning event engagement platform that scores 90% engagement rate. Maximize attendee networking, keep everyone informed, give your attendees a voice to be heard, introduce new revenue streams by generating leads for sponsors and exhibitors with sponsored placements in the social feed.



A comprehensive event registration software platform. Create an end-to-end event project from a template, a previous event, or from scratch. Add your team members, their to-do items, all run-of-show details, and every resource you need throughout a program’s lifecycle. Gain unprecedented insight into performance before, during, and after an event.

evenTwo Acess

EventMB Review    Annual fee 500 Euro

Transform your event with an easy and intuitive event app that includes a content manager, sponsorship features, networking, private messaging, attendee list, agenda management, speaker and venue management, maps, social media integration, live polling, speaker questions, and more.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Streamline your workflow with a powerful event registration software. From setting up registration to measuring success, our products cover the full lifecycle of your events. EventXtra also features cross-event analytics, an intelligent tool to uncover insights from your events. Analyze your event success from multiple perspectives to empower your future events.


EventMB Review    Free for free events    Cost per user $1.25, 1.9% + $.99    Fee per registration    No fee for free spaces    Unlimited Registrants

Online Event Registration and Management Software. Eventzilla is an easy to use online event registration and ticketing website for anyone hosting an event. Set up an event page in 5 minutes. Offer custom branded tickets, pay only when you make a sale. No long-term contracts. No sign-up/termination fees. Track ticket sales and cancellations.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Evenzu® is a simple and complete online platform that manages your entire event from participant registration to voting, digital signage and much more. Give your participants an engaging, enriching and personal event experience and let everyone get information directly on their preferred device.

Ex Ordo- Conference Management Software

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Everything you need to run a research conference. Your abstract management, registration and mobile app on one conference management system. Features include a registration system, visual program/agenda creation, author messaging, interactive dashboard with info in real time, and so much more.


Free for events under 50 people    Monthly fee $99/$149

Explara – The NextGen Event Platform makes it easy to host free/ paid event, manage start-to-end of the event, offer membership, increase revenue and build your event to a brand! Offers a free trial. Features are designed around making the most of pre-event, event, and post-event opportunities.

Floktu Swift

Free    Fee for registration    No fee for free spaces    Unlimited Registrants

Floktu can help cut your overhead through a fully integrated event registration platform that speaks to your other business software. It’s a fast and easy solution to create a polished website for your event, sell tickets and manage your guests. One site, all devices, mobile ready! No subscriptions or upfront costs and never any costs for free events.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Online system for creating and managing event registration forms. Let your registrants upload abstracts, buy tickets or order accommodation. Add and subtract fully customizable fields instantly and with ease. You control the registration process and its reporting tools. The system automatically manages all technical aspects, allowing you to focus on managing your event.

Grenadine Event Management Software

EventMB Review    Free basic plan(with $1+2.5% per ticket sold)    $1+2.5% per ticket sold    Monthly fee $79.95, $99.95, $149.95

Grenadine helps event professionals minimize the number of event registration tools and providers that they need to plan events. It can handle large numbers of people and complex events with big schedules. It is able to work with recurring events like annual conferences, conventions, or quarterly user groups, through easy re-use of data.


Free for under 25 guests    Monthly fee $89, $280 (unlimited events)    Annual fee $2796

Event registration made easy and affordable. Features and benefits include: efficient check-in, use across multiple devices, add guests on the go, offline mode, customization, and guest list. Send guests confirmation and check them in faster via scanning their QR code. Track how many guests who have visited your RSVP landing page and are coming.


Free     Monthly fee $115, $525, $1115

Idloom optimizes professional organizations by simplifying internal communication and processes with state of the art software solutions and services. Idloom-events is a complete conference registration software tool that manages and automates all key aspects of event registration: creation of a dedicated website, registrations, reservations, payments, badges, check-in, etc.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Premium solutions for events including: websites, forms, tickets, SMS, emails, meetings, RSVPs, lists and pipelines to streamline your event registration process. Event registration tools like briefing, budget, suppliers, calendar, analytics, reports, and integrations. The mobile app includes bots, gamification, and more.


EventMB Review    Free starter plan   Monthly fee $15.83/month, $32.50/month, $82.50/month

Online event forms & form templates for event planners. Fast, simple, and customizable, JotForm allows you to create forms, with event attendee information securely stored online. Create branded online event forms that shine. Share the responses with colleagues. Export response data to Google Sheets, or integrate it with dozens of other third-party applications.


Free    Fee per registration

Konfeo is an online event registration software which enables you to quickly create an event, customize registration form and sell tickets or seats. Whether you are organizing a major conference, sports or music event or smaller activity such as a professional course or workshop, Konfeo is 100% GDPR compliant.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Lyyti gives you full control of your event data – event registration made easy. Features include invitation and registration, participant data management, event communication, tickets and payments, reporting and sharing, event page and calendar, forms and questionnaires, and API integration.


EventMB Review    Free for up to 100 registrants    Fee per registration $5 per registration above 100

Create and run your events easily in a comprehensive way. Features include event registration management, abstract management, event onsite management, payment and finance, booking management, reports, event mobile app, event registration website, event marketing and engagement, and much more.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Conference registration software solution for one-to-one meetings and appointments at conferences. Features include registration, personalized scheduling, invitations, flexible reporting, Salesforce integration, hotels and transportation, activities and presentations, and many others. Demo account available on request.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

White label event marketing and event registration software. Powerful event marketing automation. Before, during and after the event. Features include registration, delegate management, delegate check-in, facial recognition, auto-tagging, customizable templates, surveys, analytics, and reporting suite.

Mix Events Platform

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Everything you need to deliver a successful event on one single platform…registration, ticketing, reporting, event registration, data customization, invoicing, automated speakers and sponsors, printing and customized tickets, websites, registrations, and payments. Access your event dashboard from anywhere.


Annual fee €1,995    Card processing fee 0.3%   

Momice all-in-one event registration software helps you get the most out of your events. Present your visitor with a supreme experience, while saving time and making fewer mistakes. Features include registration, tickets, email, website, survey capabilities, and statistics. It’s also GDPR compliant.

MyConference Suite

Fee Structure Not disclosed   

MYConferenceSuite is a suite of cloud based event technology products focusing on managing your events-online registration, abstract management, presentation and speaker management along with online ticketing via our brand Snapup Tickets give event planners the event registration tools they need to manage their events.


Free basic plan    Monthly $86/$167

Engage with and attract potential audiences and increase conversions. List your events on the world’s largest business event discovery platform. Attract your potential audience and influence their visit using event registration tools. The interactive dashboard makes it easy to manage communications and feedback and ratings.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Custom event registration websites. Web forms with SSL and CAPTCHA. Customized online forms ready in minutes. Additional Features include automated email scheduling, content management, branding control, seating charts, Google translator, SEO, and more. Generate robust and easy to use reports with the Online-Reg report builder.


EventMB Review    Monthly $89/$169    Fee per registration 2.4%, 4.99%

Intelligent closed-loop payments for events and venues. Oveit helps you manage NFC cashless payments. Our system is powered by AI and a secured private blockchain to make it reliable both online and offline. Additional Features include NFC tags, branded screens, and mobile app.


Free for free events    Fee per registration2.5% + $.70/ticket

The fully featured ticketing platform to sell, manage and promote your next event online. Sell tickets online, receive payments, and check in and manage attendees. Use customizable hosted event registration websites or alternatively sell directly from your website or WordPress site with our easy to use ticketing widgets.



Smart, simple, online event registration. Invite, collect registrations online, manage tickets, classes/workshops and get reports in minutes. This software is operational on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The look and branding are customizable. Additional Features include email and invitation templates to social media apps to build your audience.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Award-winning association & event registration software with bespoke technology services. A one-stop-shop for eventprofs, meetings & members! Features include online membership management, online registration management, onsite registration and barcodes, abstract management, and many other modules.


Free Express Plan   Monthly fee $49/month for Premium    Fee per registration: free for free spaces; $.99, $.79    Unlimited registrants

Online event registration and eTicketing software for the performing arts. Features include an event page with responsive design, an embeddable widget that can be placed on your website for easy ordering, seat selection, smartphone check-in and more. Track up-to-the-minute ticket sales and attendance, retrieve guest information, and take secure payments through Square.


Annual fee $6,600, 12,000, $18,000, $24,000

Swoogo lets you capture attendee info and market with your brand front and center. The customizable reg site is backed by the easiest-to-use back-end functionality in the business. No coding or design knowledge needed with the drag-and-drop feature. You can also check attendees in by phone.

Symphony Event Management

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Event registration for corporate marketers. The complete event toolkit to promote and manage registrations for events and training courses. Features include email, task management, budgeting, booking forms, online payment, sessions, websites, reports, and accomodation.

Ticket Tailor

Free up to 5 tickets    Monthly fee $25, $45, $99, $175   No Fee for Free Spaces    Unlimited registrants

The #1 ticketing platform without ticket fees. Fully featured and easy to use for events of all sizes. Direct payments — no waiting for money to go somewhere else first. Everything is fully customizable. Powerful check-in app with no booking fees. There’s a free trial available, and there are no contracts.


Free   Fee per registration 3.85%   No fee for free spaces    Unlimited registrants

Pain-free online ticketing and event registrations. Ticketebo is a powerful, simple to use online ticketing and event registration platform, delivering market leading ticketing services and event registration solutions to thousands of events across Australia each year. Free, easy to set up, and simple to customise for your event. Choose a URL and a design.

Ticket Sauce

Fee Structure Not disclosed

Events made simple. Your solution for better event ticketing. Effortlessly create beautiful online event registration websites, generate more revenue, gather more first-party data, and have happier customers. A complete event ticketing, management, and box office solution. Our fully-customizable software gives you a simple way to create events and generate new revenue!


Free for free events    No fee for free spaces    Unlimited registrants

Simple, powerful conference registration software. A clean, mobile-friendly event homepage and checkout experience. A simple, fast checkout that attendees love. Quick payments using Stripe (say goodbye to waiting for your money). With Tito, your data is your data, we never market to your customers.


Free for free events    Fee per registration 1.99% + $1.99/ticket    No fee for free spaces    Unlimited registrants

Create events and start selling tickets in less than a minute. Create an event page, sell tickets online, manage your registration. Get ticket sales money in your bank account every day. Customer support is 24/7. You can find local events on Townscript as well. And the company promotes the events on the website too.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Volunteer management system. TRS’s online event registration, online volunteer scheduling and online ticketing software, developed by event planners for event planners, is software that thinks like you do. We provide all of the event registration tools you need for an efficient, successful event, plus features for social media sharing, reporting, customized emails, text/SMS and more.


Free for free events    No fee for free spaces    Unlimited Registrants

Connecting the world through unforgettable experiences. Site for posting events and event widget that allows you to sell tickets from your own site. Sell tickets, parking passes, merchandise, and more on your website in a few clicks. Integrate with popular web platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, and more.

Visit by GES

Fee Structure Not disclosed

We empower the visitor to take greater control of their visiting experience. Our Smart Badge holds all the technology a visitor needs to navigate a show. It serves as a digital briefcase to an exhibition, enabling richer interaction with exhibitors, content, sessions and features, all with a simple touch.


Fee per registration

Everything you need to create, promote, sell and manage your events. Get more time to be creative and focus on the things that make a difference! Perfect for every event type, process and scenario. Completely customizable event registration and ticket-buying experience. It also has reserved seating capabilities.


Fee Structure Not disclosed

Save organizer time, maximize attendee engagement and networking. Provide the best experience to your attendees with the award-winning event app! Enable them to participate and interact more actively, and build two times more connections. Up-to-date event information, personalized agenda, live polls, messages and exciting photos are all at their fingertips.

XING Ticketing Master

EventMB Review    Fee Structure Not disclosed

Benefit from exclusive access to 15 million potential attendees in the relevant business environment on XING. Target your intended audience with our comprehensive marketing opportunities. Enjoy a strong presence in the no. 1 marketplace for business events with your own event page.

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06 Jun

Everyone wants more booth traffic, and the task of attracting an audience of qualified prospects falls on both event organizers and exhibitors.


If you’re an event planner, you want to ensure your exhibitors’ success. Successful booths mean high ROI, and high ROI means happy exhibitors. Happy exhibitors come back again next year and allow the cycle to continue.

If you’re an exhibitor, lots of qualified traffic at your booth means more sales and more opportunities to spread your gospel. You want to make sure the event attracts your ideal customer, that they’ll stop by your booth, and that you’re poised to help them see how your product or service meets their needs.

While some exhibition models make it as easy as inviting prospects to come, many rely on pre-event marketing and live, strategic engagement. In the latter case, maximizing your opportunities entails a mix of good booth design, interactive exhibits, social media, and novelty.

In this article, we’ll cover over 60 ways to boost your booth performance:

keyboard_arrow_right Whose responsibility it is to keep booths busy
keyboard_arrow_right How to build momentum pre-event
keyboard_arrow_right Awesome trade show ideas
keyboard_arrow_right Exhibit stand attractions
keyboard_arrow_right Booth ideas for events
keyboard_arrow_right Vendor booth decorating ideas
keyboard_arrow_right Smart touchpoints
keyboard_arrow_right Tips to get more conversions


Whose Responsibility Is It to Keep Booths Busy?

Booth traffic requires the effort of two groups of people: the event planner and the exhibitor.

The event planner is charged with ensuring that exhibitors and attendees are mutually curated to foster the most qualified connections. But getting the right people to the event is only the first step.

They must also ensure that the attendees make it to the exhibit hall and spend time engaging with the exhibitors. There are a number of ways they can do this:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Use interactive drivers, such as gamification or scavenger hunts, to encourage participation
  • keyboard_arrow_right Book exhibit hall hours strategically to avoid competing events
  • keyboard_arrow_right Provide education to vendors on how to best reach attendees before and at the event
  • keyboard_arrow_right Adopt smart matchmaking apps and other interaction-driving tech
  • keyboard_arrow_right Offer viable sponsorship opportunities for added marketing and attendee engagement
  • keyboard_arrow_right Enable pre-event meeting scheduling between exhibitors and attendees (and relevant data to help the former making decisions to meet or not)
  • keyboard_arrow_right Think about complementary services and offerings when playing your floor plan, and be cognizant of competitors


The vendors or exhibitors share the onus of keeping the booth busy, and there are a number of strategies for ensuring a good ROI:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Select events that draw the crowd you want to attract
  • keyboard_arrow_right Use the attendee list to reach out to prospective customers and existing clients
  • keyboard_arrow_right Design your booth to stand out and draw a crowd, but also to tell your story
  • keyboard_arrow_right Train your team to develop engagement skills to make those conversations convert to sales opportunities
  • keyboard_arrow_right Use engagement techniques to hold the attention of the audience
  • keyboard_arrow_right Pre-arrange meetings with those who are looking for your products or services

It’s the responsibility of the event organizer to set vendors and exhibitors up for success, but the latter has a responsibility to make the most of the opportunity by coming prepared and being strategic.


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06 Jun

We are happy to release a new report to help event professionals elevate their career. Get access to all new research on which skills are in-demand for event professionals.


What you will find inside:

  • keyboard_arrow_right Events Are Changing: Future Proofing Your Event Planning Career
  • keyboard_arrow_right The Most Marketable Event Planning Skills and Qualifications in 2019
  • keyboard_arrow_right How to Get a Seat at the Decision-making Table
  • keyboard_arrow_right Event Planner Role Evolution: Then vs Now
  • keyboard_arrow_right The Toolbox of the Modern Event Professional


This report is aimed at event professionals who want to elevate their career and cultivate the skills required to get more coveted strategic roles.

It was written with the fantastic contribution and support of our friends at Evenium.


Download the free PDF here

Credit: Source link