Wales mental health treatment away from home ‘not right’

June 12, 2019 / Mental Health
Wales mental health treatment away from home ‘not right’

Mair Elliot says “it’s not right” that young people in Wales are sent hundreds of miles from home for mental health treatment.

Her comments come as the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Wales claims mental health patients are being sent “needlessly” over the border despite available beds in Wales.

The Welsh Government said the number was decreasing with only “very specialist centres in England” used.

Mair, 22, said she was “carted off” from Haverfordwest to London for her care when she was suffering from complex mental health problems in 2013.

She said it added to her distress to be away from her family and home and it would affect other patients.

“That only seeks to increase the suffering they are going through,” she said.

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